Energy Healing



There are advocates and critics of energy healing. I am an advocate and I shall attempt to express why in this blog post.

In my life’s journey, I have gone through several transformations. During these transformations, I tried hard to anchor myself on faith. I read a lot of books and tried to understand how and where I could find inner peace.

What gelled with me is very basic. All universe is energy. If you want to feel this energy, just rub your palms vigorously and keep them 1 inch apart facing each other. You will feel the flow of energy, subtle vibrations that your palms have generated.

Everything – from moving to non-moving object is energy. So, when one learns how to recognize and feel this energy, a lot of transformation takes place. I learnt this with a certification called Access Bars energy healing. It’s a touch-based healing technique which is administered through 32 points on the head.

Initially, I did not feel much, but once I started feeling the vibrations on my finger tips, I got really excited. It is so true. And so effective. All those who took this feeling from me have reported a very calming effect, and the healing can be given for various ailments.

There is also verbal clearing that’s done in combination with Access Bars and this aims at removing all the negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears, stability points, beliefs etc. that we have incarcerated in our minds since centuries. These fears stop us from achieving the greatness that we are capable of.

After this, I tried to learn EFT and now, Reiki.

I just want to urge all those who haven’t yet experienced the power of the raw energy of the Universe to start feeling it and being grateful for it.

It does wonders. It creates miracles.

The other side of Being Managed

My earlier boss was a micro manager.

My function would go nowhere without his approval – in fact, he defined what is to be done and what is not to be done, in spite of having no knowledge about my function. I was restrained from contacting the higher management – I believe it was because of insecurity. My work cannot happen without contribution from higher management. 

The worst thing that I was made to do was personal promotion – not for the company but for him in the name of leadership positioning. I could have taken a stand and refused but decided to go along with the flow as according to him, “aligning with your manager” was very important. And he was THE higher management, ruling every other leader with aggressiveness. I was but a little kid in front of him. 

It took me one year of patience to gain his trust, although it wasn’t my intention. Unfortunately, I am in a position where all my work is visible to the entire organization and suddenly, I found myself being perceived on the basis of the menial work I was made to do earlier.

He is no more my boss, but he has left a legacy – a prejudice that I have to continue facing until people see me as me – doing what I believe is right, and not executing someone else’s whims and fancies.

I do not regret not putting my foot down because I only gave in to the work that I was instructed to do. I did not give away my pride and did not follow the tradition of “buttering up your manager” to get into good books. The army style boss culture seemed to be a mandate. I couldn’t subscribe to it. I refused to. I paid a hefty price for it. All i knew was,  I would do anything for pride. 

I reiterate: Do what you feel is right.


Peekaboo – See me? I see you. Water color Painting


The tree looks cold and disconnected, but the sun wants to warm her. She says cold and aloof, because she does not trust him. He will leave her again.

Sun did leave her at night. She was sad. But he comes back every morning. Does she want it that way?

May be she doesn’t.

Learning from danger

I am learning how to drive. Why? Because I want to. And I have failed several times but that does not stop me from getting up and getting back again.

I met with an accident today. No, I did not get hurt. No one did. Yes the car got banged up.  :( The radiator is broken as is the bumper.

I believe each one of us should have a never-give-up drive towards everything in life. I am shaken up but have not lost hope.

I will persevere.


She finds her wings – Water Color Painting


First glance, this painting will remind you of an angel.

But I see it as the WOMAN who found her wings and is ready to fly.

The woman who breaks her shackles and escapes to freedom land

The woman who fights back and leaves her past behind

The woman who became a man and took all onus on her shoulders

The woman who decided to give life to uplifting of souls

The woman

The invincible, unstoppable woman.

Dedicated to #IAMPINK and #PARCHED.