I came across a lovely poem written in Hindi, it’s called हाँ, मेरा कोई नाम नहीं ।

I couldnt resist myself and just translated it into English. Here’s what it says :

Those birds that fly across the sky,
You’ll find me there.
Yes, I have no identity.

Those flowers that are in full bloom
Because the summer’s just arrived…
You’ll find me smiling there.
Yes, I have no identity.

Black clouds, heavy and ready to burst
Quenching the thirst of the parched earth,
You’ll find me playing there.
But I have no identity.

Those seeds that have just grown into saplings,
Touched by the new drops of rain,
You’ll find me there, reborn again,
But I’ve no identity.

Struggling streams, meeting their rivers,
Those rivers finding union with the sea,
You’ll find me there, disappearing slowly,
Because I have no identity.

Touch me, Feel me, Sense me,
I have no identity.
But have me, and I will be your identity.


I wish I had got the poet’s name !!
According to my understanding of this poem, it has to be contentment the poet is talking about. But I could be wrong. Or maybe elusive happiness ?? I am still figuring it out.


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