If I never see you again…

Photo Image: Hawaii Sunrise Original Artwork by Grace Sapp 2003 (A Fat Fish Production)
Drawings by Gracie -Copyright © 2003
For other drawings by Gracie, visit : http://www.lifeplusvitamins.com/grace-page.htmlhttp://www.lifeplusvitamins.com/grace-page.html

If I never see you again, it will be too soon.
One fine day, you knocked on my door,
I wasn’t aware who you were.
I only felt a trifle something…weakness? sickness?
Yes, I think I mistook you for normal
But you were gnawing at me, making me abnormal.
That gradual ‘abnormal’ which stops one’s breath… 
I never thought I’d have cancer.
And you never dreamt that I’d be a survivor.
The pain… you did your best to kill me.
You fought with all my medication.
You fought with the treatments, the chemo 
and every single pain killer.
But I survived. And I will live.
I will live as long as He wants me to.
No cancer fellow will bring me down,
No Sir!! No thanks! and Goodbye.
If I never see you again, it will be too soon.

The story behind this poem:
The first line is not my own. I came across it when I was reading a Mills and Boon novel while travelling in a train just last month. As soon as I read that line, it touched a chord within me. And all I could think of at that time was, “Who could utter those words?” and the answer came, “A cancer survivor” immediately, and without hesitation. I had read about Kamal Haasan’s wife, and how they had battled together with her disease. Probably from somewhere in my memory, that incident was the inspiration for this poem. And I only had a pen, no paper. So the original draft of this poem is on the inside of the cover of my novel.


  1. Comment on the blog by Sampathji:i liked the poem and how will is more powerful than any disease..the warbler,the different mehendis…i very much liked the trials and the success in the veg balls.what i like about you is iust that you are very straight and sensitive and also very persistant.. god bless.i could not give any comments directly on the blog due to some problems…loved your blogs…..- D Sampath


  2. Excellent one Punam Jee… Yes strong will power can make anything happen… It helps everywhere to be HAPPY and HEALTHY… The way of presentation is lovely… Keep pouring in articles and write-ups of this sort… RegardsAseemPrerna231 Group


  3. Hi PunamCancer with is finality and with its pain wields over us this sense of AWE .. that we must look deep into ourselves to be able to pick up the pieces and put back meaning into the jigsaw of Life.Thanks for stopping by to read the story of the 39 yr old who passed on from brain tumor.Perhaps may also like to read the flip side ..of her husband’s point of view which , though rather late in the week , I have put up for the Writer’s Island prompt of “Survivor” .http://la-muse07.blogspot.com/2008/04/survivor.html


  4. My sister died of this disease and far too young… she was 27.Your poem reminds me of an old saying I've heard several times throughout my life, I don't remember the exact words anymore but it went something like this 'Sometimes God loves us so much that he brings us immediately to be with Him'.I believe this was the case with Zellie. Thank you for your beautiful words.


  5. Looksfar: I am very sorry to hear that. 27 is a very young age. She probably had a calling some place else. The way you describe her on your blog, Zellie probably was needed more by God than by her kith and kin. I know what you are talking about.. the saying. It is true, although the pain of losing her would never ever be gone.


  6. @Priyanka: Welcome to Dreamz Forever. 🙂 Thank you for liking my work. I hope to see more of you here. @Sherry: Thank you very much, Sherry. Your blog is wonderful as well and it's good know people from all walks of life through this wonderful world of blogging. 🙂 Cheers, Punam


  7. @Sherry: I had to read your comment again.. my illness was acute depression. I wrote this poem as an inspiration for cancer survivors.. by talking through their thoughts. May God give strength to all who are struggling.


  8. Pratibha: Welcome to my blog. 🙂 I am glad u participated in the cancer awareness.. it's very disappointinng to see that very few posts have turned up.. Thank u for the comment. ~PunamBhagyareema: Thank you so much and welcome to my space. 🙂 Hope to see more of you here. 🙂 Regds, Punam


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