Where are the fish?

Where are the fish in my aquarium???
They’ve disappeared to the land of nowhere.
But why? The aquarium looks so bland without them.

Maybe some problem with the flash player that animates them.
I must try to bring them back. They are my virtual pets.
My computer had a nasty virus attack.
Did the virus scare the fish away?

I had to format and re-install Windows.
Do they not like the brand new OS?
Maybe they want the old one back.
But that can not be done anyway.

So, I will try to convince them
To forget and return to my blog.
The aquarium looks lonely and forlorn.
Without the fish in it, it’s purpose is gone.

Update: They are back!! I installed the flash player, that’s why.



  1. Punam, What a strange coincidence.This morning when I woke up, i discovered that my aquarium has sprung a leak.Water was slowly trickling out and there was a puddle next to it.(Luckily it was trickling out very very slowly) All my fishes are safe but have to be transferred to a bucket till the aquarium is fixed.Then i come here and read about how your virtual fish have disappeared and how you go them back!CheersHave a nice day.Preeti (just a mother of two)


  2. Yes, Preeti It is such a nice coincidence and a REAL fish tank is truly better than a virtual one… never the less anyways. We did have a large (about 4 feet long)fish tank over 8 years back… now we don’t. I was too young to appreciate the fish when we actually had them. But I remember we had a couple of gold fish, zebra fish and a few others.I am very happy that all your fish are safe. And thanks for visiting.


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