The Song of the Cuckoo

When summer reaches its hottest peak to scorch
And rains of summer moisture begin to form,
The Cuckoo comes to break the news
Of rains that erase the summer woes.

It announces the relief from summer with songs sweet
As the cloudy weather emerges out of its retreat.
The bird and the sky give messages clear,
Melody and thunder merge to declare
The promise of a climate cooler
When all the yellow hues turn bluer

About cuckoo, there are tales awe-inspiring,
They could be old Granny’s story weaving.
Come severe summer and the cuckoo arrives
It comes and sings to plead to the skies,
Coo… cooo, please bring down the rains.
Her cooing is so melodious to the ears
You can feel the mirth it bears.

Sure enough, as if He heard her song loud and clear,
The water descends pitter-patter pitter-patter.
They also say, her prayers never go unanswered.
If we are to believe this idyllic tale,
Then we ought to thank the Koel.

Here goes, about the Koel, another anecdote,
Of her, in summer, suffering a mouth sore.
If not for that, Koels would raid them relentlessly.
For Koels love mangoes, they say.

So all she can do, is perch on her favorite abode,
And go coo-coo until she gets a throat sore.
Thus go two myths, delightful stories
Of cuckoos and the songs they sing.



  1. lovely words…you have crafted it beautifully…in this busy city life this poem is just like a whiff of fresh air & the mind scrambles to go back to the heart of the nature amidst the sound of the whirling leaves in the mild breeze and the sweet song of the Cuckoo….very well written!


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