Dr. Shantala’s Poetry Contest # 30 at Sulekha

(Poem of Address)

It’s written all over, small goes away.

It’s understood, that weaklings have to die.

Darwin’s Theory, remember?

The weak perish, the strong survive.

Run rat! run for your life,

For u have to survive.

It is your destiny,

Write it, where can u go?

That is the rule of life.

You show your weakness, you die.

Your colleague usurps your promotion

And you are left with indignation.

You try to be goody-goody, nice-nice

You are treated worse than a doormat.

You want to excel in your career,

There are hundreds vying for the same, dear.

Dog-eat-dog is today’s motto,

The rat is atleast the owl’s lunch.

Fair enough, for real world is worse.

Where equals ‘kill’ each other with not much remorse.

Yes, all that certainly is inevitable.

The disappointments, the tears, the dejection and pain.

It’s all inevitable, like the aftermath of a storm.

Kismat Konnection? Is it so?

Connection and kismats who knows if they exist.

The dawn follows dusk and summer follows winter

As inevitable as the moon that rises to kill darkness,

You will survive, and rise above the tragedy.


(An Acrostic Poem : Verse in which certain letters such as the first in each line form a word or message)

Mama I saw a dream today!

I was a Princess, far far away.

Residing in a beautiful castle, there i was!

A castle that was hidden in the mist

Great majestic mountains surrounded it.

Enchanted I felt, I was floating among the clouds.

In heaven and earth,

No place exists as beautiful as this.

There were fairies and elves and gnomes and pixies

Hopping madly all around me.

Every one was happy and full of glee.

Mama, does a world like that exist?

I want to see it, can it be true?

So tell me that it was not a mirage, can you?

The dream, a mirage in the mist.


If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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