A success story that inspires!!

Chillibreeze – A success story

This is the story of a couple with a vision; Ralph and Joanna Budelman, whose visits to India resulted in the birth of a path-breaking company, Chillibreeze Solutions Private Limited, in 2004.

An entrepreneur from Chicago, Mr. Ralph Budelman came to India with dreams of opening a bootstrap company that provided content writing and design services to the global client. He envisioned the scope of Internet as one without boundaries, and if successful, he knew it would pay great dividends. Chillibreeze was first managed under the tutelage of Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd. And later went on to grow on its own feet as a full-fledged company in 2004.
The strength of Chillibreeze lies in a management infrastructure that is well-suited to a global audience. Chillibreeze does not have physical boundaries. Though its head- office is located at Shillong, Meghalaya, the scope of its working is spread all around the world. With a core team that’s a go-getter clique of four aspiring ladies, Ms. Roopa Nishi Vishwanathan, Ms. Vilasini Kumar, Ms. Radhika Chitnis and Mrs. Joanna Budelman, Chillibreeze has made giant waves in the field of content development and e-publishing. CB is also involved in marketing, design & presentation and Graphic services.
Now, when the Internet is full of freelance writers battling everyday to get selected for writing projects, why would a company choose Chillibreeze? In other words, is hiring a content developing company better than hiring a freelance writer? A resounding yes! That’s because what the clients of Chillibreeze get as a final piece of work, is a valuable product that has gone through at least two stages of editing by the company’s in-house editors, and another stage of quality check. So, the client receives a fully tested and readied product that needs only to be published.
This process is the main area that brought Chillibreeze diverse clients throughout the world. And to serve these clients, Chillibreeze has a database of over 1000 talented Indian writers, called Chillibreeze Associates, who are selected through a screening process that brings out the cream of the crop on the top, only to be welcomed into Chillibreeze, around 250-300 of whom have handled CB projects. The number of independent writers registered with CB goes to as high as 5000!
And as if that was not enough, they say, “The fulfillment of a dream leads to the birth of another.” And thus, Chillifreeze was born. Chillifreeze is a virtual lounge where writers can log in and discuss hot topics on writing, publishing, language, communication, and everything else under a writers’ umbrella. Not only that, Chillifreeze has been innovative in offering Indian writers an opportunity to bid for projects, with a slight twist in the norms. Write Match on Chillifreeze is an open marketplace, where clients are allowed to post their project and writer requirements, to which, writers registered with Chillifreeze will respond. Here, writers do not pay for bidding. They just answer clients’ project offers, and when a writer is selected, he pays Chillifreeze a part of his fee as commission. The main advantage here is that there is transparency and consistency throughout the writer-client association. Only writers who win projects pay the company for having initiated the liaison with the clients. A novel concept if there can ever be. And fair to every one involved. They call it Write Match… is it not the right match?
Chillifreeze is turning out a cool place for Indian writers to hang out. There are tests to be taken to see how much writers fare in their knowledge of English or email etiquettes, they analyze your sample write-ups for free to give you a correct picture of your writing skills, there are courses being offered at attractive prices with certification, there are forums to participate, with enticing topics such as Freelancers’ Secret Tip Sheets, or Raves and Rants. Like it is in for a college crowd to hang out at the canteen, it’s in for Indian writers to hang out at Chillifreeze.
With concepts that touch the right vein, whether one is a writer seeking employment, or a company seeking writers, Chillibreeze and Chillifreeze are the winners of the show, hands down. There are more feathers hidden in the crown of Chillibreeze; their sister websites 360flat.com and india-reports.com, which offer even more attractive services than those mentioned above. 360flat.com is a website that’s dedicated to providing graphic services, while india-reports.com puts up thoroughly professional India-centric reports on sale.
Well, trends indicate the upward growth of Chillibreeze. The success of John Budelman for creating a vision in his mind and molding it into perfect reality is there for everyone to see.
Ralph Budelman is a dreamer and an achiever. That is a lethal combination, poised to strike bull’s eye in any undertaking.
With success stories like these, one can always be inspired to reach for the moon. Even if we don’t get the moon, we might still get the stars.
© Punam J R., all rights reserved.

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