If I never see you again…

Photo Image: Hawaii Sunrise Original Artwork by Grace Sapp 2003 (A Fat Fish Production)
Drawings by Gracie -Copyright © 2003
For other drawings by Gracie, visit : http://www.lifeplusvitamins.com/grace-page.htmlhttp://www.lifeplusvitamins.com/grace-page.html

If I never see you again, it will be too soon.

One fine day, you knocked on my door,
I wasn’t aware who you were.
I only felt a trifle something…weakness? sickness?
Yes, I think I mistook you for normal
But you were gnawing at me, making me abnormal.
That gradual ‘abnormal’ which stops one’s breath… FINALLY and FOREVER.

I never thought I’d have cancer.
And you never dreamt that I’d be a survivor.
The pain… you did your best to kill me.
You fought with all my medication.
You fought with the treatments, the chemo and every single pain killer.
But I survived. And I will live.
I will live as long as He wants me to.
No cancer fellow will bring me down,
No Sir!! No thanks! and Goodbye.

If I never see you again, it will be too soon.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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