Is God internet-savvy?

I opened my inbox and found a mail, whose subject was “FW: Miraculous picture”. Now, feeling that irritating feeling I get, when I receive forwards that force you to re-forward through dhamkis that insist that if you don’t reforward, Heaven knows what will happen with you, I opened the email. The picture you see above is the one I received. What a beautiful picture it is!! Except for the body of the email that contained the following atrocities:
The President of Argentina received this picture and called it ‘junkmail.’ Eight days later, his son died. A man received this picture and immediately sent out copies. His surprise was winning the lottery. Alberto Martinez received this picture, gave it to his secretary to make copiesbut they forgot to distribute it. She lost her job and he lost his family.
This picture is miraculous and sacred, don’t forget to forward this within 13 days to at least
20 people. Donot forget to forward and you will receive a huge surprise!!
Now, let us deal with Point 1:
Did God send his yamdoot to the house of President of Argentina to check if he is forwarding the email or not, with orders of killing his dearest son if he does not forward???
Point 2: A man won a lottery?? If two men fighting for the same lottery had received this picture and very religiously forwarded to 13-13 friends, would God face a dharam sankat of whom to give the lottery???!!! Duh!
Point 3: Now who is this Alberto Martinez??? Does God keep track of of all Alberto Martinez’s in the world??
My point: If all the above events are true, they are just one thing: DESTINY
Yeah Yeah, the picture is miraculous, and sacred because it is God’s picture. Miraculous because a pious man would feel happy receiving it.
I was happy receiving it. But I was NOT happy reading the email.
I am not an atheist. Actually, I am quite religious. I believe in God, in sixth sense and in all the omens that Paulo Coelho speaks about in The Alchemist.
I go to temples too. I enjoy being in God’s company too. Nobody forces me to enjoy God’s company.
Nobody should force anyone to enjoy God’s company.
If these emails are NOT forcing people by taking advantage of FEAR OF GOD, then what else are they???
Why should one fear GOD? One may fear God if he has committed a murder or a robbery. Why will God punish a good samaritan for not forwarding his emails?
Is God Internet savvy?? Till date, about 10 such email forwards threatening to cause me grave harm have landed in my inbox, and stopped right there. Coz I never reforward them.
I am alive right here, aren’t I? I am writing this article, quite happy and content in my life about everything God has given me. I am not going to forward the above email to anyone. If I like a photo, I forward it to my friends with the sole intention of letting them admire the beauty of it, without the conditions mentioned above, that blackmail one into forwarding the emails lest they face dire consequences.
Well, two hoots to the superstitious sender, I believe Radhakrishna have put their hands over my head with a blessing. And if not, I have a bank of scores of blessings that my elders have bestowed upon me. I have not hurt anyone till date intentionally. I believe in God and visit temples once in a while.
Let us see if God refutes all that to punish me for not sending an email.
I don’t like to receive blackmailing emails, and I very well don’t want my contacts to feel blackmailed. Period.
P.S: Can anyone give me God’s email address? I would like to stay in direct touch with him/her.
© Punam J R., all rights reserved.

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