The Butterfly’s Reply to the Cat

In response to a post by Raj ji, titled “cat in fur of shining gold”, I have indulged myself in a little bit of extended role-playing, and have formed what could have been the butterfly’s reply.

To read Raj ji’s poem that describes the cat’s dialogue with the butterfly, use this link:

Here are the butterfly’s feelings:

Poor pea-brained butterfly
harmlessly passing by
met a big golden cat
“Who let her out of the bag??!!

Cast away that I am
By the big rude cat,
Let me gaily find someone else,
Who will cast my beauty a glance.

Bye bye dear cat
Carry on with your hunting
And when you are finished dining,
You’ll find no one to play!

And I flutter away, flutter away, flutter away.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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