Help save the world – save the environment!

(Published on Jun 5 2008)

Today is World Environment Day.

More than anything else, Man’s largest and most important concern today is the deteriorating environment. What can we do to contribute our own itsy-bitsy part in conserving our precious environment?

First let us understand two concepts:
1. The 3 R’s that make up environment conservation.
2. The Carbon Footprint of an individual.

The 3 R’s :
1. Reduce 2. Reuse 3. Recycle
Following these 3 R’s is of utmost importance, for the environment is calling out at us to save it from degeneration. Reduce waste by reusing and recycling. Very simple.
Reduce… the amount of the Earth’s resources that we use.
Reuse… Don’t just dispose things, could someone else make use of them?
Recycle… Can the waste materials be converted into something new?

For ideas on how to recycle various daily use items, visit the following site. Click on the picture below:

The Carbon Footprint:

Every earthizen (read Earth citizen) leaves a footprint behind, that is measured in the amount of carbon dioxide that he is contributing to the atmosphere through his daily chores. By using electricity, fuel and his habits like smoking etc. he is emitting some amount of harmful elements into the air and atmosphere. There are people who leave very huge footprints. There are people who term themselves ‘green’ and their footprints are considerably smaller.

To contribute effectively towards a greener earth, we all need to make sure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible.

Before discussing what can be done, let us see what are the consequences:
1. The biggest Tsunami ever that was triggered off by an underwater earthquake around Indonesia a few years ago, was attributed to global warming.
2. From floods to tornadoes to draughts, global warming has every calamity under its sleeve.
3. The ice caps are melting. It’s rumored that someday in future, New York and Mumbai will be underwater. Imagine, that is the amount of water the melting icecaps are going to pour into our oceans.
4. The climate is going to be shocking… in fact, it already is. Rain in the deserts of UAE? It will rain when it should be sunmmer, winters are going to be late, and the entire seasons cycle will be disrupted, all because we can not control our indiscriminate usage of fuel & natural resources.
5. The recent forest fires have caused a lot of destruction not only to man but also to the flora and fauna.
6. The coming generations will have fewer species of animals & birds to admire, for most of them would become extinct, according to the present scenario.
7. Summer heat waves and winter cold waves are becoming unbearable.
8. Pollution-related diseases and skin diseases will be on the rise. Asthma, allergies and cancer will become as common as the Common Cold.

These are but a few consequences. The large picture shows a weeping earth, in dire need of a savior. Only man can be the savior. If only all of us can follow atleast one ‘green’ habit, even if it is as small and inconsequential as switching off the lights when not in use, it will make a BIG difference to Planet Earth.

The solutions to saving our environment can range from:
1. Reducing the use of plastic and promoting paper & cloth bags.
2. Switching off the monitor when not in use and switching off lights & fans when not needed.
3. Turning off engines at traffic signals, walking short distances or using bicycles and promoting fuel-efficient vehicles.
4. Using alternate sources of energy, like solar heaters.
5. Planting trees wherever possible.
6. Conserving precious water.

Which one are you going to choose?

The best contribution you can make is to spread the word about Global Warming. Do your little bit. Do not think what difference it will make, because every little difference matters.

Above all, spread the word.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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