The Bikers’ Menace

What is it with bizarre speeds and senseless youngsters? Today’s bikers are a menace to everyone who ventures out on the roads.

How long are innocent people going to pay for speedsters? Don’t they realize that they are taking people’s lives in their own hands? How many more people will suffer because some goons want to feel the breeze in their faces? Because some mindless maniacs want to feel the thrills of speeding? I witnessed another accident when I was in college, and trust me, seeing it happen is very hard. They were just criss-crossing at the highest speed possible, on the road, and they hit two students on a cycle… the students were flung across the other side of the road. It was awful. And at that moment, I thought, what is the value of the life you had just massacred? Can you pay it back? Can you dress their wounds? Can you return a lost life?

How will you pay them back the damages that you have caused? The physical damage, the mental trauma of not only the victims, but also their family members and friends, what about that?

These sick bikers are the products of a sick upbringing. They do not have the ethics and morals to realize the dangers that they are taking, and more than that, the dangers that they are putting other lives into.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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