A tie of a lifetime – Raksha Bandhan

How do I express what I feel towards you, my dear bhaiyya?
Words are not enough for the happiness you have always extended towards me.
You are special, chosen with an extraordinary sharp mind.
You are loving and caring, always there for me.
Distances melt away when you take care of me.
Doesn’t matter even if we are five states apart.
You rest on my knee when we are together,
I know you like to do nothing better.
And I run my fingers through your hair,
Soothing your throbbing head, and giving instructions galore.
Take care of yourself, smile a lot.
Do this do that, and just be there.
You love it when I oil your hair
And you always like to tease me a lot.
Your missed rings to call me online,
They just command me so lovingly.
Your chat sessions are like manna to me.
I feel so satisfied after our chat sessions.
It was you who were there when I got engaged,
You who saw all those emotions churning inside of me.
From fear to happiness to uncertainty and then shyness,
You were there all through those lovely days.
Even now, as I go through a myriad of emotions,
You are there to tell me, “Don’t think like that!”
Let me make a promise to you again, bhaiyya,
That I will also be there for you.
I’ve said this a million times,
I say this to you again.
That your happiness is all that matters to me,
That you have to wait for it. Please do.
I want to see you there, up up above…
Where success takes people and places on the throne.
I want to see you achieve all that your mind has dreamt,
And please, I don’t want to wait until 2050!!!
So, will you fulfill the dreams that I’ve dreamt for you?
Please do, please do, please do!
Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!!
© Punam J R., all rights reserved.

1 Comment

  1. I think no one would ever say to you , that he hasn’t understood your poem.
    it is very general and pretty connected flow of emotions!
    i liked it! When its so much of love , I cant think of anything else!

    Me: Ashish, a warm welcome to my space here… and thanks for the sweet comment. 🙂 It is just love and that presence in a girl’s life that is so much needed. Thanks again!


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