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A Journey Under a Starry Night

(Written for Mrs. Muffet’s EYC 33)
Personification of a Ship

I am a lonely ship right in the middle of waves,
Tossing and turning towards I-don’t-know-where.
I know not my journey, I know not my destination.
I know not the reason of my existence or trepidation.

I just said goodbye to the shores
And all I have now, are the stars.
They twinkle, they dazzle, they try to talk
But I do not understand their silly part.

Do I see someone? Yes I guess I do.
Who? Does anyone go there? It’s who?
Towards the horizon far far away
I think I see a speck of a ship, Ahoy!

I have company now, I really do
Now I feel a little better than before.
Two’s company, for one’s too lonely
Maybe now, I’ll like my journey.

But have I found my destination?
I really don’t know yet, I guess.
All I know’s that I have a companion.
I am no more a lonely sojourner.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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