Let me breathe atleast now (EYC 35)

Let me breathe atleast now. (A mother’s plea to her kids who have forgotten her sacrifices)
(This poem was declared the first Runnerup in the contest by the host)

How long will you ask of me? How long can I give?
I am spent now. Forgive me, for God above.

Our care-provider left us. Untimely death. Onus I took upon me, every bit of it.
Life without a partner is hell. But I lived for I had you all.

I erased my tears; unshed raindrops. Fixed a smile upon the face, all genial.
Strive I had to, to bring you up. Although young, I gave everything up.

A good education, manners and values, I tried to fulfill wishes of every one of you.
Computer? Cellphone? Ipod? Sure. Why not? The world’s moving so fast.

Got you all married and well-settled. I am all alone now.
Although among a family of 10, I am all alone now.

Why? I ask you, why am I a burden today? Someone who craves for a kind glance.
You all are busy I agree But I have a beating heart too.

The same heart that breathed life into you, The same hands that held yours too
They crave for your touch. Look at me here, atleast once.

Don’t like me now, do you? Am I too ugly, too wrinkled for you?
Do I embarass you? Are my decisions no more good?

What goes around comes back to you. Hear me say! The world is round.
After night comes day. Today I am old and helpless.. tomorrow you will be too.

All I plead is to let me breathe atleast now. I want to live. To love.
I want to receive love from you all. That’s how I want to live.

I was breathing life into you all. Today, let me breathe for myself too.
I was smiling for you all. Today, please be the reason for my smile, will you?

“Flowers that used to cup the sun all day…..now under the spell of a long dark night…..”
~ Mrs. Muffet (A writer on Sulekha)

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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