Our dreams have not aged, dear.

Express Yourself Contest 37 – Conducted by Promilla
(This poem was declared runnerup in the contest)

Remember when we were young
Was it the same place here?
I proposed to you,
And you said yes dear.

This bay side, it’s our memory divine
The place where our joys and sorrows met.
The sound of waves, would always calm us
And prompt us in decisions many.

Remember, when we returned here,
The day after our marriage?
How happy we were, the memories?
Do you feel the same joy too?

Our dreams have not changed, dear.
They are still the same.
As calm and serene as the waves behind you,
As definite as the moon that you view.

We are in the third leg of our life’s journey,
Left alone again, by the empty birdnest.
They fly away, they have their own lives.
Bitter but true, we must be proud of them.

Our dreams were the same, dear.
We vouched for togetherness.
For joys doubled and frowns shared,
We dreamt of together forever.

Are we not together, dear?
Is that not what we always wanted?
In the twilight of our lives,
Let us by our dreams, abide.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.



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