Ten Things that I know for sure

Corinne Rodrigues of Everyday Gyaan started a different type of tag. She has asked her readers to send her “10 things that they are sure of” and she’d display them on her post. Here’s what I wrote:

10 things that I know for sure :
1) That when you think you have been cheated and no one cares, there is one person who is doing the talking for you in his own sweet way, and that is, God.
2) That when you are hurt, there is nothing you can do, except let time flow by. Time heals all.
3) That when you do someone good, that goodness returns to you through the circle of life someday in some other form through some other person. (It is the law of Karma.)
4) That truth heals and frees you from all bondage.. sweet sweet truth.
5) That you are nothing without your family. The rest, the whole world doesn’t matter, but family, the ones close to your heart, do. And when they know that you are on the ‘right’ side of things, you get the power to defy the whole wide world.
6) That when you follow rules in life, it becomes easier.
7) That good moral values and principles are the greatest form of education.
8) That the richest and most expensive treasure is a big chest of elders’ blessings.
9) That eating healthy is valuing and respecting your own life.
10) That respect yourself, only then, the world will respect you.

So, what are the 10 things that U are sure of?



  1. My first time here too! Thanks for dropping by at the blog with those lovely warm words!!Point No 3… I think I forgot to add that in mylist.. 🙂 Very true..I love the look of your blog.. its so filled with such delightful things… shall come back for more, later 🙂


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