Justice justice, where are you?

Hidden in the lurches of a black hue.

Justice justice, where are you?

When you are needed most, no one touches you.

Justice justice, you have been blind

No more can you scare, no more can you bind.

Justice justice, are you deaf too?

To hear the cries of people in the blue?

Justice justice, you can not hide.

Coz someday, someone will by you, abide.

(This is a scheduled post. I will be away from Dreamz Forever for a long long time to come, but I promise I’ll return. And I’ll reply to all your comments. So, do keep visiting and do keep sending feedback. Readers are the most valuable asset a writer can ever have. Thanks for visiting.)



  1. Dear Lana,Yeah, true. Glad u found the post interesting. 🙂 It’s just that a lot of times one might feel deceived by life, and think so. This is a very old poem of mine, I wrote it 8-10 years ago. As of today, I do believe, God does justice. 🙂 Punam


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