Alas! I’m Invisible! (EYC 95) Episode 2

Wicked Angel gave me a good opportunity to write the sequel to my previous blog “Travel Tales of a Cursed Angel” by announcing the next EYC as “If I could be Invisible”. Continuing my tale of the Cursed Angel, I shall try to depict her feelings in this entry for the contest:

Alas! I’m Invisible! (EYC 95)

Once upon a time, there lived an angel in a far far away land. She would flutter gayly around butterflies and sit on flower petals to converse for hours, with her best friends, the bees, butterflies and birds. The swans in the lake would take her on rides; letting her perch on their soft feathers. She was a happy baby angel; not yet aware of the role she would be called to play a few years hence.

There was a sparrow couple who befriended her one day. They invited her to the nest for an innocent evening of tea. The nest was too small and already had three eggs. When the angel tried to fit herself inside the little nest, one of the eggs fell down and broke. Oh the sparrows frowned. Rage and grief brought tears in their eyes; and they called upon the witch. The witch now cast a spell on the little angel. And she was to become invisible to all her friends and foes; to all the beautiful creatures in this world; even to the love that was to be; until one day, the moon rose blue.

The angel came back home; dejected and sad. It was true. Nobody could see her anymore. She spoke to the bees. They did not answer. How could they? They had lost a friend.

And the years passed. One day, she met her prince. In a castle far far away, beneath a beautiful lake. But he could not see her. Not yet. For the moon had to do its part; rise in blue and take a bow; only then, could the angel get back into her world.

And she waited and waited; her invisible form only the trees could feel, for she would leave a gentle breeze behind her steps. Her grief was incomparable. But she had to wait. She was a ship without anchor. One day. One day, he would feel her love.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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