Travel Tales of a Cursed Angel – Episode 1

Travel Tales of a Cursed Angel Episode I
(My entry for Upma Kumar’s EYC 94 – Travel Tales)

Gingerly, very gingerly she stepped out of the window and put a bare foot forward. Then another. She had to reach that lake. The lake looked so close; yet it was so far away. It was just beyond the horizon. Sunlight twinkled on its surface creating a scene that reflected a thousand stars.

Her light footsteps made soft sounds on the green grass. She walked as if on air and not on the earth. The trees on either side of the vista bowed their boughs in greeting. They whispered to each other secretly. They knew about her quest. They were worried about what was in store for her this time.

Slowly, the beautiful lake grew closer. She was now, on its edge, its waves lapping at her toes as if to echo ‘welcome’. She continued on the surface, walking right on the water; her feet dispersing very light ripples on the lake’s surface until she reaches the center. She now sees the steps and heaves a sign of relief.

Piercing the surface of the water, her foot touches the first step. She alights the steps until her long black tresses float on the water behind her and disappear beneath. There is the castle; her destination; her destiny. She has to reach it. There are momsters before her. They approach her; but can not see her. They can not harm her. She continues towards the castle. Finally, she enters the big doors. They are always open.

She knows where she has to go. There he is! “Ohh will he see me today?”, she exclaims in her heart. She goes and stands right before him. He has no idea. He can not see her. Again. A hundred years of anticipation. A hundred years of tears. She will have to come again. Come until he can see her. Until then, she suffers the grief of unfulfilled love. The cursed angel. When will that day come?

She retreats. Turning her back, she passes through the same lake and walks back to her window. The trees whisper again. They are witness to a hundred years of her suffering. They are helpless. They can not help her. Only time will tell when her grief will end. Until then, she will keep travelling back to the castle every fortnight.

And trinnng goes the alarm. But she still has tears in her eyes.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.


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