The Betrayed Bride (165 words short story writers collaboration)

Decked up in fine jewelry, she waits as the hours ticked by.
Her wedding day.
Yet, there was a deep fear inside her.
Her heart was working overtime today.
Beating faster than usual, with a foreboding that made her beautifully made up face cringe.
Everything was so perfect.
More perfect than the most perfect rose.
Hence the premonition.
He arrives.
She is waiting at the altar, coyly timid more from fear than from anticipation for the new life ahead.
Time to go.
Faces she lived with all her life, fading.
Tearful eyes of a parent-hood unmatched in its depth of love.
She is in her new room.
That feeling is amplified. Dread.
He enters. He doesn’t look happy.
Anger! Indignation! Rage!
Hanging on to them.
Scratching them to bleed.
Not letting them die.
Keeping his past alive.
Innocent bride.
Unwary victim.
Endless tears.
Suicide attempt.
A young life destroyed.
A million dreams shattered.
A healthy mind made insane.
Period. Black. The end.
PS: She doesn’t die, she becomes insane.


  1. RiikaInfinity: A warm welcome to my blog, Dreamz Forever. I hope you will find more dreamz here worth reading. Thank you for the kind comment. 🙂 I am glad you visited me and hope to find you on my blog again. Regds, Punam


  2. Sherry: Thanking you warmly for visiting my blog Dreamz Forever. Yes, she was. And this is somewhere inspired by events in my own life. I was lucky for sure. I thought insanity would engulf me, but I survived and set myself free. 🙂 I hope to see more of your presence on my blog. 🙂 Regards n Cheers, Punam


  3. You would appreciate when I say I relate to it.. I escaped that's it..!!I couldn't take any more of that violence.. it's over and still not. For my thoughts are scarred and so is my outlook..Very well written My Dear.. I read here lot of unsaid emotions.. alas a woman getting killed- nobody's hears a sound..Punam, aren't you linking a poem to Potluck? The theme is 7 sins.. Please do- I would love you to share your words and thoughts- they are just ethereal..I am linking that small poem you wrote at my comments to my main post with a small addition from me again- not as creative as yours is- but I hope, you would smile on reading that- :DHugs Always- xoxox


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