When it’s all over


The recent case of Viveka’s suicide raises many questions. But what goes on in a person’s mind that leads him to commit such a final step? A person’s life tosses many problems and every person comes to a stage when they think, “It’s all over. Now there is no hope.” Each handles it in his own way. But there are many who want to end it all. In just one go. Do you think they are cowards? Maybe yes, may not. But definitely, they want to live. They want to feel happiness in their hearts.

Then why would they go for such a step? It’s hard to read the mind of a depressed person, but I am sure there is a big tug of war going on in his mind. I would want to believe that if such a person is surrounded by loving people and put in extreme care and given self-less love, it may help him to pass that stage easier than when he is left alone.

In this poem below, I try to express the tug of war that might go on in a depressed person’s mind; and how he is struggling to live, trying to find a desire but the problems are tempting him to end it all.
I am trying to express how life prevails over death and hope that every person who is suffering today, finds hope in the same way that my character did, in this poem.

Let the divine light win!

When it’s all over, it’s all over.
Her disturbed mind is in a tug of war
Between the light and the night.

Do you think she wanted to?
Would you ask her not to?
Her mind had suddenly split into two.
One who cared, another who was scared.

The one who was scared, pulled her toward darkness.
Come, my dear. Come, to an endless sleep.
Come into my arms, and the night will never end.
Let me help you and you will be free.

The one who cared, just opened her arms.
She was engulfed in divine light.
All she did, was smile and nod.
She knew the light had to win.
Behind the caring one, she saw faces.
Of people who knew they loved her.
Of parents, well-wishers, near ones and friends.
They all had tears: they all said, “Don’t go.”

She turned towards the scared one.
Who still waited with the promise of freedom.
She was tempted. Eternal freedom.
No life, just plain blissful sleep.

She wanted to sleep. She wanted the freedom.
It was easier than life; easier than the pain.
It would just take a second. A split second.
The voices still loomed from the other side: “NO!!”

But they sounded faint: from far far away.
They could not help me. But they loved me.
What does she do? It’s the matter of a decision.
A split second and it’s all gone.
When it’s all over, she wants it to be gone.
The pain, the tears, the cravings and the separation.

Those faces; they don’t go away.
They are beckoning. The caring one says, “Come.”
“Come, they are waiting for you. Live for them.”

And at that second, suddenly the birth of a desire.
For a life beyond self: a life dedicated to others.
Rejoice, for the scared one is fading away!
Rejoice as the divine light glows.
Life prevailed over death, good over bad.

Kindness over evil, anticipation over sorrows.
It’s time to rejoice for the providence speaks!



  1. Hmmmm…..isn't sad that VB didn't make the decision your character did. What a waste of a life…..It could be any one of us, Punam. We all go through dark times…so it's important to gather all the light we can while okay – so we can cling to it when the darkness comes! Hugs


  2. Angela garu, welcome to Dreamz Forever. 🙂 Thank u for the visit n the comment. Your thought itself is so beautiful.. to be there to let them know they're precious.. An 'Angel's' wish. ~Regards, Punam


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