Ohh help me forget!!

Help me forget for I am not an amnesiac
Those times that I took for, as your true love,
Help me erase those memories too
Things that you and I would do
Help me forget brutal reality
That you were never what you claimed to be
Help me see the truth as it is
Not cloaked in mud, slime and ugly grime.
Help me realize that time will never turn back
But then, tomorrow doesn’t ever arrive either.

I am stuck, I am lost, I am crying, I am overcast.
And I know, it will never ever go, my past.
Some things have changed, for better or worse
But I can not give, no I can’t give anymore.

It’ll take time to heal, time to recover
I am almost there, so I thought.
But the crows inside my head are active again
And they start screaming about the same pain.

Help me forget, help me erase them
Help me see the truth and the lies
Help me stop those crows from cawing.
Help me numb the painful pain.



  1. Looksfar: Yes, I understand that. Trying to understand a fact is a different thing, and having to walk on the path of hurt is a different thing. We can only wait and wait until it all passes. Your words mean a lot. Thank you for them. 🙂 Regards, Punam


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