Written for Jingle’s Poetry Pot Luck themed ‘Seven Sins

Painting in watercolour
Painting in watercolour

No, don’t want so much. You’ll never get.
Don’t get angry. You will destroy everyone else.
Get up! Get going. You’ll never catch up with time.
Humility is tough? It’ll bring down the heavens.
Bring reverence in your gaze, not lust.
You have earned the place you are in. Everybody else did too.


  1. Very well said My Dear.. am I glad you linked..?? :)This little piece of conversation is the best thing that could have hit my eyes this evening. It has been bizarre with power-cuts every half hour.. sigh!!Loads of wishes- true, everyone earns his/her place- well said you.. mwaah xox


  2. Jingle:Thank u very much. 🙂 And thanks for inviting me as well. ~PunamLana: Thanks Lana.. thank u for visiting. Where have u been? ~PunamStarkaat:Hi Starkaat.. warm welcome to my blog. Thank u for the visit and the comment. Hope to see more of you here. 🙂 ~Punam


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