Diaries of a Hechicera – 5 : Sing me a song

29th April 2011

Sing me a song
It was a walk that I wished for,
It was a dream that I dreamt for.
A vista I had imagined
A world I had glorified.

The painting I had painted
The same colours that I had splashed
In dreams wild and wanton,
Reds, pinks, greens I simply went on.

The songs that I had sung, mouthing them along
The symphony had appeared, so true and so long.
It was the sweetest music, my ears could ever hear
Call it a song for the soul, it was, dear!

Remember the dream when you in distress,
Are trying to run away, but stand frozen right there?
Your legs can’t move, your eyes tearful,
And then suddenly, you open your eyes, fearful!

Bliss.. the nightmare ended! You smile.
Such is life – you want it, you die.
Such is death – you want it, you live.
So is love – you find it, you are miles apart.

The dreams, the vistas, the paintings illusions
They all wrap up into one person
Step into my world, I am right here
Hand outstretched, a question in my gaze.

So come with me, into my world?
Be with me, see my world?
Dream with me, melodious symphony,
Match your step to my dance step – in the rhythm.
Look at the vistas that I always see
Show me your dreams, I want to be
The one to see them along with thee.

Sing me a song – a song for the soul,
Not only mine but yours by and whole.
Sing me a song – a song for our soul.

PS: Hechicera doesn’t feel bogged down by anything. It’s her life she is concerned about and she lives each day on her own terms, finding her own ways and cutting her own path through the woods. She wants to fall in love, to find her love and she has her own dreams. She has her own ideas about everything under the sun. She sees messages around her, reads the clouds and speaks to herself about a hundred things in life. For her, nothing is impossible. She just has to think and she has wings.

This series is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any characters real or otherwise is purely coincidental.

Punam J R


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