Life is like that – 1

We come across so many people in our lives. But seldom are two people from the same mould. When I meet people, it is with the assumption that the person is good. But then life teaches something else and you end up being taught a lesson you never wanted to learn, but have to, because that is life’s decision to teach you as much.

There was a new joinee in my team. The team (including me) were very kind to him. Big deal. Slowly, you get to see how a person changes colours. One team mate gets to share how he is in financial trouble. One team mate gets to share how he has to take care of his mom. One gets to know that his mum is trying to find a match for him. One gets to know that he has a girlfriend. (or two.. or three??)..

Wonder why I am talking about someone like this?? I was going out of town.. he convinced me to get gifts for his mum. Me being the stupid emotional fool (have I heard this phrase before???!!!)… I say okay. He gives me a budget.. I actually get the gifts… When I am back, I am told, hey the gifts are very nice, I will give this to my mum and this to my girlfriend. HELLOOOO???? WHAT the hell was that???
And then, no sign of paying me back. Okaaayyy… I am not someone who goes around sayin, hey, u owe me this much, pay up. No sir!!

So.. next day.. I see this cool dude not eating lunch, and very very sad.. long face.. hmm why what happened? You know, I have this financial problem at home. 😦 Comes the reply.

OKKK… there goes my money. πŸ™‚ Yes, readers… I knew this was one pile on and I had just been fleeced – royally. Now now, what do I do??? Hmmm,,,, I keep quiet. Stop talking to him… over sweetly.. business business.. no his and hellos.. unless i havvvve to absolutely reply back..

OK.. there is more.. (are you there??).. Now I hear passing remarks,,, dude, i wanna buy an LCD tv… again.. one fine day, dude gets an exclusive clutch bag – i heard for the GF… πŸ™‚

Hellooo.. what happened to the financial problem??? If you can pay 1500 bucks for a gift for ur GF, u can very well.. gift her with your own bucks.. not MY hardearned money!!!

Slowly slowly.. 3/4ths of the amount was returned in TORN notes.. YES readers, torn notes.. and I bid farewell to the rest.. thinking, okay I have done some charity.

Now, yes okay I am gullible.
I am foolish, stupid and what not!!!

But yes, today, I have the attitude (fired by this very incident) to pay the ROYAL IGNORE to this dude and to pretend that he does not exist – even when he is talking to me. πŸ™‚ Mission accomplished. Girl has learned something.

Wait there is more…

We are preparing displays for a visual management system. I wrote names on color paper. Dude: “Punam, really the names you have written are so beautiful.”

Punam: Thank you

10 mins pass by.

Dude: “Punam, really the names you have written are so well-written.”

Punam: Silence

Dude: “Punam, really the names you have written are so well-written.”

Punam: Stare/confused/irritated now

Dude: “Punam, the names you have written are so well-written.”

Punam: how many times will you keep saying that???!!!

Dude: three times.

Punam: silence (Thoughts: Ignore, Punam.. Ignore)

Next day: In the lift: Punam you made a creative display.

Punam: Silence,

Dude: That is so rude. You can atleast acknowledge.

Punam: I know you will repeat it again anyways.

REST of the team: SHOCK.


My best friend: PUNAM!!! I have never seen you doing this!!!! What the hell was THAT?????

Punam: Well, he keeps irritating me so much, a person can only take that much…

Best friend: Heyy just ignore. I do that too.


So, what should I do???? I just go AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!



  1. Ha ha ha…. Such things happen, Punam. 1500 is a very small amount. I have known people who have borrowed amounts as large as 20k and not bothered to return it.
    The good part is that you learnt the art of saying no. πŸ˜€

    Me: Yes, Chhavi. I know.. but no matter how small an amount, it is hard-earned and definitely pinches.. I would have been happier had I given it all away to a needy person. πŸ™‚ But then, as the title says, Life is like that! Thankk you for visiting. πŸ™‚


  2. its difficult art to learn to say No.
    but one must learn it.

    Me: SM!!! Thannnnnkkk you for coming!! FINALLY my readers are finding their way back. I am soo happy to see you here. I agree with you, totally. I am learning.


  3. Heehee πŸ˜€ Punam i guess you are having blast of a time… That guy surely is irritating but dearie its alright you see.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ He just craves attention, give him that and then he’ll stop irritating you πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰


    Me: Oh no no no no noooo!!!! he won’t – give a finger, the hand is gone. Nope.. Royal ignore is what I do. Even that does not deter him. Don’t know why. Thank you for coming, Tanvi!! So happy to see u here. πŸ™‚


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