Thankful Tuesdays

Today yet again, I want to mention Corinne from Everyday Gyaan who started Thankful Tuesdays for all of us to count our blessings and to just say thanks for all the positive things we have in our life.. and a thanks for all the negative things as well, for they teach us to be stronger and wiser.

So here I am.. in between my last post for Thankful Tuesdays, the one before that, and today, what have I learnt, and what is it that I wanna be thankful for:

1. My job – It’s earned me self respect and integrity.
2. My temperament – It’s undergone a complete change. I am no more what I was. (A plus for some, while others may not agree).
3. People around me – Whether it’s home, office or the Blogdom, I have very good friends around me and their influence has made me a stronger person.
4. Gratitude – I am thankful for my ability to feel gratitude for the things I have today.
5. Passion – Yes, I am still very passionate in all that I do. And I mean to remain so.

For all the negative things in life – thanks for being there, without darkness, light would have no meaning. πŸ™‚



If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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