Blues and Blacks

I’ve tasted blue. I’ve also tasted black.
Life can’t be so mean.
The mirror manages to look so clean.
Who is that in the image that I see?
I am beyond recognition now.

Listless eyes staring back at my own image
And a thousand unanswered questions on a rampage
A lot of whys interspersed with screaming No’s
Who is to blame for life’s unfair gallows?
My reflection manages to swindle me
Because it no longer knows! “Who’s she?”

Slowly ever so steadily, she sees a silhouette behind her image
The face is unclear.. very very hazy, like someone’s hiding behind smoke.
But the figure has deep dark eyes, penetrating gaze…
From behind my image, I see those eyes

And slowly, my own reflection starts dwindling…
As if moving backward towards the smoky haze
Slowly, steadily, as time ticks on, second by micro second,
The image .. the me I see, is moving away.

And as the twain meet, in the mirror, another world,
the blues and blacks turn into a myriad of rainbow colours.
And I stand there, perplexed, confused, Who’s she??
Pat comes the answer from deep inside me, “It’s ME!!!”

Bliss!! Oh bliss, can it be true?
Blacks are not any more blue
What has changed? What happened?
Was it a raid? Was it a heist?

I’ve tasted blue. I’ve also tasted black.
No wonder what went wrong..
Did something go wrong?
Maybe the wrong suddenly went right.

Life can be very mean
But that’s only to teach you what is mean.
Darkness makes the light shine
And stars fall down right upon mine.



  1. Beautiful,

    Gotta break out of this place we are in Runnin’ out of time and out of sin We were livin’ smoke and mirrors anyway

    There are varied hues in between black which when seen through black and white glasses show only shades of gray. It is when we use different glasses, the colored ones, do we see the full colors of our persona.

    Wonderful post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    Me: Anshul, yes, exactly.. the point is.. are we in possession of those ‘different glasses’? If we are, do we remember to use them? This poem was written several months ago… I left it incomplete.. It is only a few days back that I discovered the colored glasses. 🙂 Symbolically ofcourse. And that led me to complete it. I guess you really got the gist of it. Thankkkkssssss Anshul.


  2. Beautiful! Lovely poem dripping with hope and optimism!

    Me: Uncle Manuuu!! 🙂 Always makes me happy to see you on my blog. It’s like having you actually visit my space. Hope keeps the boat afloat, doesn’t it?


  3. A wonderful post! Was a pleasure to read it!
    I like the end!

    Life can be very mean
    But that’s only to teach you what is mean.
    Darkness makes the light shine
    And stars fall down right upon mine.

    Me: Deva!! Finally you grace my humble blog!! And thank you for such a lovely comment. 🙂 I am so happy to see you here.


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