Quotable Quotes from Corinne’s Blog Hop ‘Comparison is the thief of Joy’

As I started reading the immensely stimulating articles on comparison, I realized that there was a treasure trove moving around and I just wanted to have it all at one place.. and there was born the idea of collating quotes from all your lovely articles. So

In these quotes, you will find inspiration, emotion and reason. Choose what you like.

Here we go:

Sulekha Rawat: “Don’t compare, just be you.”

Bikram: “Even if you are a cat.. but when you have a big heart and courage .. then I am sure when you look at yourself in the mirror you see a LION in it ..”

Linda: “Seeing and appreciating patterns in our daily experience is not only a good thing, it’s unavoidable and contributes to empowered living.  Instead of cursing comparisons, let’s learn to use them wisely.”

Mary: “The major problem that I ran into with meals is that Michaela was comparing new food tastes to what she remembered it tasting like before she was diagnosed.  This presented a problem.  Although it is feasible to make great-tasting meals gluten and allergy free, they will never taste exactly as remembered.

Daisy: “It took me a little longer to realize it was not necessary to be, I was great the way I was.”

Savira: “I simply decided to focus on their individual personalities. I acknowledged their strengths and weakness… I encouraged them to seek their true identity. The word comparison was a far distant in the up bringing of my children!”

Janaki: “Life could not be better. They are leading life…two separate lives. They have everything material that is immaterial to their happiness. She comes home…..to an empty nest!”

Leah:comparison used wisely and moderately, in the correct circumstance can and does have its value.”

Irene’s golden words: “That if we compare ourselves to others…We would either feel superior or inferior.The feeling of superiority encourages pride. While the feeling of inferiority leads to insecurity. But neither gives you peace of mind.”

Debra: “Most of the things that really matter in life can’t be measured on a test. Can you measure authenticity, imagination, creativity, curiosity, empathy, compassion – all elements of an education that translate into necessary life skills?” And the quote: As Edward B. Fiske said, “When was the last time you saw a tombstone with SAT scores inscribed on it”

Myrna wants to be like Theodore Roosevelt: “Oh, and if you have any clue of how I can be more like you, please write and let me know.”

Bonnie: comparison can hurt…because I don’t feel I am given a fair chance to be myself…..I am different I know..but I am still me…I still have a heart for others…and I still want to be loved for who I am…. ME”

Bella: “I think it’s time we stop comparing ourselves to others and start appreciating our own beauty, talent, and uniqueness.In the words of nana, ‘there’s no one like you,’ and that alone should make us feel extraordinary.”

Melissa: I think it isn’t the act of comparison itself that needs to be checked but the emotions it evokes when one does it. We should also be aware why we do it.

Clarence: “There is no wishing for someone else. There is not regret. There is no I-could-have-done-better or could have something better. No questions. There are times when we know, there is nothing better. And maybe that blessing does not follow to the point of being the relationship with which I get to live, but at the very least, it is a profound gift to know this about myself, about what I want about what my joy is and where I will not folly because I need not chase a place where joy does not live.”

Patty:  “So, can comparison be a thief of joy? Sure, but I prefer to find a way to quickly deal with those thieves and move on.”

Lynne: “Here’s a quote from Dr. Seuss:  “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  I think we all can stand out in some way and we must celebrate those differences!”

Jim:  “Comparison is not a thief of joy; it is a gift of awakening, of being aware, of remembering the possibilities that exist in each of us, the thought of creating a better life for ourselves, our families, and for generations to follow. And in that awakening we find that we are aware of the things that make us come alive, the fire in our bellies, the yearning of our soul to be who we are called to be. To be me and the chance to experience the joys, love, and being alive at this time.”

PS: And there are a few that I’ve missed due to lack of time.. apologies to them all, but i invite you to add your quotes in the comments section below and I can include them here.. 🙂

Take care!!



    • Hi Bella, and it’s great to see you here. Thank you so much for those words. I somehow thought that the Blog Hop had tossed out a wealth of information into the Blogosphere and I wanted to collate it so we can have something to learn from it ready. 🙂 It did take me some time and I couldn’t finish all the entries. 😦


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