Diaries of the Hechicera: The love she knew and the love that grew

His face was not very clear
There was dream upon dream
She waited eternally for him to appear
But her dream was still a dream
“O! Please please come soon, dear
Come and take over my life
I want to see you, touch and hear!
The stories of your life and strife.”
She would beckon in her dream
To that hazy not-so-clear face
And imagine him standing close to her
Real close, like a miracle on a good day.
The love she finally knew
Was ugly and wild, for all that she grew
Her hopes, aspirations, all the anticipation,
Everything lost, evaporated like summer dew.
Little did she know that this was not to be
For there in time, waiting, was someone worthy
She knew not, the test of her lord,
She was being groomed to become adored
She imagined her life, disintegrating, bit by bit
Her fate was, in truth, being sealed in the right orbit.
As she moved and stumbled and cried,
She wondered where her inner peace lied
She kept wandering, her senses, askew
When she finally found her Guru.
Once that happened, the miracles showed
She realized, they were always there
She could not see them in tears of strife
But her life was being set so so right.
Her path her destiny took her to the love
The love she knew then, was a hallucination cove.
She thought she had seen it all
But the truth struck her with his arrival.
There he came, her Knight in shining armour
His arrival was so calm, absolutely a wonder
A messenger brought him to her, a sweet messenger
But once he was there, there was to be no other.
He came, bruised and battered, soul searching
Found solace in her suffering and healing.
She gave him what he missed, he gave her love
He gave her what she missed, she gave him trust.
Had their fates been sealed earlier? One does wonder.
But destinies can not be rewritten. Truth is stronger.
When the universe decides to give the love u knew
Is there anything else that you wish to do?
You start believing that it is a circle
Life falls into its destined oracle
Why do you think it was over then?
Because, it’s not over yet.
There was another story in the offing
And you had to free your self soon
The story had someone and you starring
So there had to be a big change
How would you welcome the Knight in your life
If the ugly part did not come to an end?
And so.. the story went
The Love she knew, was the love that grew
The love he wanted was the love she gave
And they lived, happily ever after.
And they lived, happily ever after.


If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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