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It was a hot summer noon
As I approached the city
Horses greet me on the way,
Pulling a royal chariot away..

A mission to seek
An abode meek
Nothing great,
Just a humble piece.

Wandered, hour after hour
Long days turned into longer nights
I would see myself staring into space
Wondering when life would take pace

I miss those days, when we were two
Hand in hand, our dreams we drew
Sapne dekhogi nahin toh poore kaise honge
(If you don’t have dreams in the first place,
How will you fulfill them?)
Was all you said, and I KNEW… Yet,

I have to stay calm, the test of time
Time is for sure, the best healer
As I live my life in bits n pieces,
I dream away…

I live a life of fragments
Each fragment an eternity
So u see, kind sire, thou art eternities away from me
WHEN oh when do you plan to appear…

Stars twinkling in my eyes,
I gaze at the moon-less sky
I see your perfect features
And wonder we are so far, why

Rain drops falling on my face
I used to love them so
Will we see them together
While the soft breeze flows

As I build an empty home
With trinkets and junkets of stuff
I see myself wandering through
A life of no consequence…

I feel overtly unsettled
With tensions unbridled
Like a note in a bottle at sea
tossing and turning with waves,

Not knowing who will read the note,
Pray, will a prince appear?
Out of nowhere to read me and my heart,
And take me to the shores, in arms cosseted..
Until then,
Unsettled. Period.


Standing strong. Holding all.

19 thoughts on “Unsettled

    1. Dear Martha,those words mean so much to me, thank you a million times for saying them. It took me an entire yesterday to write this poem, and I am glad it came out well. I need a lottt of those blessings, though 🙂


  1. Punam,

    I have been reading your posts but could not comment as I am neither on WordPress or FB or Twitter. Today I found that format is changed. Thanks.

    Story of installation of Love is so true. You got to give to get. This is a beautifully composed poem, I am sure your prince will be there if not already there.

    Take care


    1. Hi Jack,
      I was not aware that some readers could not comment on my blog. Our good friend and blogger Andy informed me of the same and I changed a few settings so now, all of you can comment here.
      Thanks for reading my poem, and I hope you like my other posts too.
      As for my prince, 🙂 Thanks for that.. I hope every girl gets her prince.


  2. Awesome work! My first time here, loved it! Some one once said, our journey here on this earth is temporary! So I guess we should never really settle down here, we have to leave it all behind one day!


    1. Hi Danny, a very warm welcome here. Those words encourage me. 🙂 Thank u so much for them. As u do say, I should tell myself and drill it in my mind, that everything in life is temporary!! I think I want to hang on to those words. 🙂 So, I am grateful that you visited my blog and left a much-valued comment here. TC.. Cheers, Punam


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