Book Review: I will love once again by Krishna Verma

Book Title: I will love once again
Author: Krishna Verma
Publisher: Srishti Publishers

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I bought this book with great prejudice (Of course, against the book.)

While I was browsing through Landmark and wondering whether to fall for love stories, fantasy fiction or inspiration, I convinced myself to check out Flipkart rates first, and picked up just this one love story.

It was a feeling that translated into giving young Indian readers a second chance.

With the assassination of my respect for the young Indian writer, which was carried out systematically by the language used in Five Point Someone, and the whole pointless draggggeeee (deliberate emphasis) story of ‘I too had a love story’, (I mean with due respect to the author who claims that it is based on a true story, with no intentions of malice, for if it was a true story, it could have been dealt with in another way, perhaps that did not run on the lines of Erich Segal’s “Love Story” or a Hindi movie with an obvious climax), I still did not lose hope.

Krishna Verma has done a great job with the story.

He narrates the entire story in first person, the way someone would share snippets of his life with a close friend. That’s the kind of feeling you get while reading through the book. Like you are a really close friend. And that is perhaps the USP of the book.

The book takes you through the struggle of the protagonist, Krishna, who faces heart break, as his lady love gives in to the wishes of her parents and decides to marry the man they have chosen for her. One fine day, she just backs off from the relationship. Where this takes Krishna is what the story is about. His mental turmoil, his struggle to find a job in the Corporate, his new friends, and a glimpse into the young culture, this book presents a host of different insights into a man’s mind. The story moves back and forth, from the present to the past, as Krishna’s mind connects every incident he is facing in his “Now” with incidents he had faced in his “Then”. He in fact, cannot get over his previous love, and tries forcefully, to see her in every new girl. At a point of time, you feel like he has fixed the mould of Preity (his previous girl) in his mind, and every girl just had to fit into it perfectly. Every new girl he met had to laugh like her, react like her, get angry like her, get angry at the same things as she did, and chide him for the things he did in the same way that she did.

There was one interesting sketch of the character of Preity that I would like to highlight. Preity was not really the ideal. Krishna loved her and loved to the extent of sacrificing his own joys for her joys. The relationship that he describes with Preity is highly imbalanced, with him giving and giving endlessly for her happiness. He sought his joys in her smiles. But Preity’s character comes out to be bossy, dominating, largely self-centered and selfish, oblivious to the joys of the man in her life.

How Krishna fails to see the gaping differences between a very sweet girl he later meets, and how her kind nature and disposition stand in stark contrast to the ever hyper, ever self-centred Preity, makes up a big chunk of the book. The best character in the book, according to me, was that of Simer, and I simply fell for the cute English Punjabi phrases that the boys learnt and used, through ‘English flicks dubbed in Punjabi’. One such word was ‘feautibul’ in place of ‘beautiful’ and I believe Krishna can in fact explore this genre of humour further. Nothing pleases a reader more than hearty laughs in his journey through the pages of a book. And this book made me smile everyday while on my way to work – What a pleasant way to start a day!

All in all, a fantabulous book.

PS: The book reminds me of one of those songs in Munnabhai MBBS. 🙂 Which one, I shall not reveal as that would turn out to be a spoiler. Read the book and figure it out, please. 🙂 Or email me.

PPS: Simer (one of the characters from the book) has commented below. 🙂 🙂 I am honored and way toooo happyyyyy!!



  1. Hi Feautibul punam, Simer here (out of the book this time), and I will comment once again. That was one one the most lovely review out of all the reviews i read . This book is superb and makes a very positive sense that even after all tragedy, heart breaks the story motivates to chanse your dreams once again, to love once again and live once again. The flasbacks of the Past was one of the best part. With sadness in heart and smile on face having fun and comedy is the best part explained here. After reading this book i feel in love my character once again 🙂 .
    And meeting deepak krishna and having fun at those days made that days a memorable part of my life. So people life mess up sometimes but always remember in such cases”In the keyboard of your life always keep one finger on escape key !”.

    Thanks to all the readers and appreciating your comments.


  2. Apart from Amish, I haven’t enjoyed Indian authors much. Although Amish’s writing style also require some changes but he has a very interesting story to tell.
    Thanks for this review but don’t you think the story is too cliched?


    • I agree, it is cliched but not as cliched as “I too had a love story.” This one spoke of hope, and had a nice message. It was blatant in narrating the fact the your old love somewhere changes you for better or for worse.. and leaves a memory which you will go back to, again and again while passing through similar circumstances in life. I don’t know why… but I saw something there.
      🙂 Thanks for those words, Amit.


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