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The storm kept brewing

Hell!! A woman scorched…

Fury!! In those eyes, blood-shot

Despair!! The lost smile

Grief!! The shattering sound of trust

Dismay!! In denial

Tears!! Just don’t stop

Maddening!! That cocky smile

Disbelief!! Oh no, NOT again!!

Sighsss!! Giving up

Palms up!! Hands outstretched

Godd!! Call upon me

Life!! Not anymore

Memories!! GO away!

No!! This can’t be true.

God!! Not againnnnnnn

You can’t do this to me, no way.

Can we give the woman some independence please?


There is a small population of women who are fortunate to see a life that is not bound by umpteen ropes and shackles. But for the rest, life for her, is like this:

1. Superstitions that make her “do things” based on which, she will supposedly get a “good partner”.

2. Myths, and stigma that objectify her and strangulate her in robes because she is a commodity that should always be covered…

3. Strange customs that she is made to follow so that “other people” can live a comfortable life.

4. Patriarchs stopping her from getting her share of education because she is a woman – HER being itself being a crime.

5. Expectations that make her “bear” stuff because women are supposed to “bear” and “bear” and “not say a word.”

6. Submission to one and all, all and sundry.

7. Squash her dreams because she is not allowed to dream.

8. Always everyone else’s wishes before hers.

9. Her self-respect stays last.

and I can keep continuing…

But my only question is,

when will SHE be truly free?

Will she ever be allowed to take her own decisions, for her happiness?

Will she ever be asked, “What does your heart desire? Let us do that today.”

Will she ever be told, “For you. You want it that way. So be it.”




Standing strong. Holding all.

18 thoughts on “The storm kept brewing

  1. women by the very nature of the way in which we have evolved are subject to the authority and system outside themselves.This an era where women a women moves away form the stereo type expectations of the society and makes her own path.very nicely portrayed.


    1. Thanks Sampath ji, I guess what is said is that for a woman to break free of the system, she has to make a lot of compromises and the biggest one, being she has to stand alone in her journey.
      Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


  2. Punam

    True picture. Though some changes are taking place but at too slow pace. And there are some girls, a very small number hopefully, who take such liberty and trust to shatter those who give it.

    Take care


    1. ** *Hi Jack,* *I agree.. but then at least they have the choice.. which is a good thing. Breaking trust or keeping it comes next in line.. and that applies to all men too. Why should a woman be expected to “keep” the trust? She will, if her upbringing is correct. If not, then each individual (man or woman) has the right to their own characters… and we are no one to judge anybody by what they do.* *Thanks for adding value and bringing up a pertinent aspect…* *Punam* * *


  3. So true and hard hitting…sadly this is the the harsh reality and the answer to your question is something that each women here would want to know….!


  4. For a country that worships goddesses, Its sad that this is happening.. last weekend, my lady friend refused to go to a disc with us because she finally managed to find the guts to finally see the extremely disturbing Guwahati video… she was spooked and clearly, she’s feeling a real fear that most women now feel in our supposedly free and secular country.

    Wish women were treated with more respect and dignity here.



    1. *Raj, Great to see you at my blog! * *Aren’t we not a bunch of contradictions? Our tourist places are replete with the celebration of the union of man and woman, yet we have to carry out moral policing as if every lady is their property. We revere and worship the woman form of God, yet we have to absolutely outrage her modesty.. and make her feel ashamed for choosing life. The teenage rape victim who decided to give birth to the child has been in the news recently because the parents of her school mates do not want their kids to be with her… If this is how we behave, what are those kids learning from their parents?* *Situation is very bad and we can only wish that things improve….* *Thanks for the comment.. * *Punam* * *


      1. Totally yaar.. hope things improve.. there are a lotta noises in that direction. hope it amounts into something productive..

        nice 2 b here Punam 🙂


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