Miles to go before I sleep

I really want to sleep… a sound relaxing peaceful sleep
There is so much to do… so much to do…
Unforeseen, unknown territories, dark blackholes
Labyrinths out of which there is no escape
And yet, responsibilities, I have promises to keep.

How can I sleep if I don’t those promises keep?
How can I sleep?
Nothing else matters. Everything seems so small..
My dreams that once appeared so big and close..
Aren’t even visible to me today at all

All got left behind, a moment before I entered this maze
A maze that has perilous twists and turns
One that I have to traverse, with  no choice
This maze that shocks at every turn and twists your insides
All got left behind, everything seems so small now

I look at myself in the mirror and see a meager insignificant dot
A shadow of an insignificant soul, helpless, hapless
Yet, that soul is going to be the foundation of a survival
That soul is going to become the beacon
That is the destiny I have chosen for myself

Nothing else matters … anymore
And so, I have miles to go before I sleep…
But I look forward to that peaceful sleep



  1. Many a times we don’t get what we wish for, It does not mean that we did not deserve it but just that, something better is waiting for us. Also if something unfortunate happens it just means that He wanted you to remember him.
    So do whatever you have to do, to the best of your ability and…. sleep. 🙂


  2. Punam,

    I did not visit your space for few days but today I thought of checking up. Read all pending posts. I am so glad that you decided to come back. This is where you let off your burden in words as chosen by you and that gives you a look at what you face in detached way to find solution which may have slipped your mind otherwise. You are a strong girl and I am sure that you will fulfill all your promises and feel happiness actually envelope you.

    Take care


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