Musical Monday – Tera Milya Jo Saath

Courtesy: DeviantArt, punkisstillcool

Courtesy: DeviantArt, punkisstillcool

10 December… It’s my birthday.

What do you say when it feels like you have taken a rebirth? What do you feel when you know that this is one of those first birthdays in your life, of a new you?

How do you feel when you know what is left behind is someone else, and what is lying forward will also be someone else? Every moment is a rebirth – a revelation. A phoenix that is burnt again and again only to rise from ashes. The same to be burnt yet again.

Shhh… I know The Secret.
Some things are meant to happen. Some people are meant to cross your paths. Some books are meant to be read, at the right time, because that is divine providence.

And then, you are reborn.

Too much crap na?
I must be getting __ years young. πŸ™‚ Ha ha .. not old.

I leave you all with a romantic song today.
Let’s all keep love alive.



  1. so now you are one year older and that means one year better….. πŸ™‚

    “the world begins anew and life feels fresh, exciting and to varying degrees, full of possibilities…..and most important the conflict, blame and separation from dear ones evolves into understanding, compassion, forgiveness and balance.”…… yes this is what happens whenever we feel like a rebirth……

    stay YOUNG forever…my best wishes πŸ™‚


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