Coffee with Punam: Krishna Verma & Simerdeep Singh (IWLOA)

Coffee with Punam

Invitees: Krishna Verma (Deepak Verma), author of bestselling novel ‘I will love once again’ and Simerdeep Singh, playing themselves in the book


krishna verma; deepak verma;i will love once againThe thought for this interview rose the day I finished reading the book ‘I will love once again’ by author Krishna Verma. This book had inspired me a lot. I did a review of the book on my blog, and when Krishna as well as Simer commented on the review, I was dumbfounded.

Books are such powerful media that you can only know their power when they touch you deeply. For me, I usually read on the way to my office, when I am stuck in traffic. And this book was one that brightened every single day. That is the only bond that the book made with me, as a reader and a writer.

It is truly said that God’s voice speaks in many ways – and this is one more way. Books. When a book is being authored, the writer has no idea how many people will be affected by his/her story, and how far would the book succeed in inspiring and touching lives.

To comprehend what goes behind the making of a book, and understand how simple, humble, down-to-earth people like you and me, can use the power of the pen to inspire us, let us have a small chat with Krishna and Simer, right here, at Dreamzz Forever.

  1. Life before ‘I will love once again’

Krishna:It gives me a nostalgic vibe. Many great loving souls were there in my life at that time, now definitely happy and settled in their respective nests. I was staying with one of my close friend Varun (one of the characters in the novel) he played a great role in
actually pushing me to write this book, probably was the first one to read every single line I wrote.

Simer:It reminds me of the feautibul journey of college life and joining Wipro after that. It reminds me of Simer who was (and is) happy in all situations, funny , entertaining, young, merry guy and then life of Wipro and making new friends while some i left behind, some i met as perfect companions. I never thought of being in a book but somehow it became an integral part as my friend wanted to showcase all comic things we shared and HE wanted to portray that golden time of mixed feelings and the urge to stand once again for whatever we lost and to give a try to live life to the fullest once again.

  1. Life after ‘I will love once again’

Krishna: If you are talking about ‘I will love once again’ as a thought, then seriously life has been very kind to me, rather than sulking, wistful and deplorable, I learnt to be optimistic, gritty and constructive. And life after ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN’ as a book, then nothing much has changed, I am the same as I was before the book, just a lilbit of time engrossed in replying the messages and mails of people who are a bit inquisitive and pleased after reading the book and by listening people who laugh, cry and appreciate the work and demand for sequel. The counselling sessions which I used to take have increased, now I get to know more about people as they express more freely.

I believe this novel has been highly underrated as there is hardly any talk in the media about it. But wherever I have read reviews about this one, they have been superlative and very positive. Krishna is too humble perhaps. But I would want to believe that goodness catches up with one.

Simer: After I will love once again everybody admired my character because they actually have seen me as the same person depicted in the book and were very keen to know more about me. At that time life was totally a sine wave, wave of high frequency as lots of upsand downs and mood swings were there, but the people I love here in Bangalore and away too really liked it and it gave a great internal satisfaction on some sense and somehow gave me great inspiration to look for love once
again. I thought I would never ever look for it again! The journey after that became an interesting topic becauseI have to give it
another shot with the hope that it can serve as an inspiration for the part – 2of novel (which Krishna will think about) – so, I have to make some story happen.:P

  1. How did the thought for the book take birth?

Krishna: I used to write a lot for her but unfortunately couldn’t gift her what I wrote and of course while in a deep admiration for someone, you keep on promising without concluding, so did I. So to keep my promise intact and in addition, Varun just forced me to write as he was always reluctant to read my diary pages. So, one day, when we three friends, Simer ,Varun and I, were together, Varun asked me to write on our training days and full-on amusement which we experienced staying together.He promised that he would read my book once out in market. It’s an amusing thing that he read only when it was a blue print. He is yet to read the book even today!!

Simer: “Some stories I think, should be heard, read or told to inspire, respire or be conspired by unisimerdeep singh;i will love once againverse”. The
training days were so much full of life for us that it turned a different phase in spite of the mixed feelings we had. Krishna (Deepak) always wanted to have something that can be memorable for us so that whenever we look backat our past it should bring us a live picture and should be an inspiration for the future, so this book made a perfect script for that. My amusement was always in the air or in my personal diaries or in dialogues of my near and dear one’s but now thankful to HIM, it is described in the novel

  1. Krishna Verma or Deepak Verma? (What’s in a name? Yet… who is the real person behind the author)

Krishna: Yes! Everyone is keen to know why Krishna Verma and not Deepak Verma. As a firm believer in Lord KRISHNA, I always thought if ever I would do anything it would be HIS name in my method. So I thought of actually printing it with my pen name and was well supported and triggered by one my very close friend. She even insisted to change from Verma to Singh (Just kidding)

Simer: (What do you call him? Krishna or Deepak?What is he for you? Your support, best friend etc etc) We never call each other with these formal names , our way of greeting each other on call is by singing “Boss billo…. boss billo” instead of saying Hi . If I will say “Haan Munnu khan” then HE will curtly reply “haan chunnu khan”. For me HE is my best buddy,kind of a great support and a great soul and together we try to create maximum humour out of our worsts.

  1. You have inspired millions to love once again through this book. What/who inspires You?

Krishna: Every great soul which I come across in my daily routine inspires me, I believe there is lot to learn and follow
people and things around you. Most of all I am just keen on learning from Lord Krishna and Lord Ram as whatever I have learnt during my childhood watching Mahabharata and Ramayana. I still have their supremacy in my mind. So I feel if I canrepresent even a small per cent of that teaching in my daily activities, it would be good. Honestly, it’s very tough!

Simer: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. Human Emotions are the most random ones. Every person has something that you can learn. I am inspired by loved ones close to me as I have a large group of friends everywhere, so the people, the culture, the nature always inspire me for something new. Reading great ideologies of great minds stimulate me a lot.

  1. Life as an IT professional? How does your typical day start and end?

Krishna: Good to play roles which are challenging and require me to perform things which I am least interested in. Typical
day starts with logging in my machine and signing out when the bell rings. And the day includes talking with dear ones on call, sharing and making new plans, fighting with fears, a hope in mind, treading upon each passing momentand finally dozing off with the thought of falling in love once again with a new sun rise.

Simer:For me, a typical day starts with an urge to make the day interesting which is too essential in a hectic Life out of all
software issues, bugs, coding and all. Life is chaotic but I always try to find time for all the interesting things in a day like during
lunch I have to meet most of my dear friends, evening I have to pass a smile to someone special and then again work, meeting the people more and doing fun events in between make my day alive and few old tracks are required before I fall asleep.

  1. Define friendship.

Krishna: Talking to you and sharing is ‘FRIENDSHIP’.

Simer: Who knows you and loves you the way you can force them.

  1. One thing that you would love to have right now?

Krishna: An opportunity

Simer: Inner Peace

  1. Your favourite Quote, how has it helped you in life?

Krishna: “If you lose something trivial, something great is on the cards for you” ~ iwloa
Simer: (Simer, you have to mention your own very famous Bhatti gyans too.)

My favourite quote is : “ In the keyboard of your life always keep one finger on escape key” It has helped a lot, sometimes when the things are worst we should move out and ignore for some time and then again face them with more strength. One more is there I use to say a lot is “Acha shuru ton…”means everything that seemed to be ending can be started again from the scratch. I love making funny quotes, Will share one from Bhatti Gyan : “When Ashiquie collapses the Dark Night Rises.

  1. Your favourite book, why is it your favourite?

Krishna: BhagwatGeeta, a lot to learn and vast ocean of knowledge. A treasure if you can decode it.

Simer: I Will Love once Again….no matter how much I still miss u” by Krishna Verma

  1. Most important person in your life

Krishna: My Parents. Throughout my life’s struggle my mother has been the cradle from where I am getting all the power and energy to survive.

Simer: My parents

  1. If you found a magical lamp and a genie grants you three wishes, what would be your three wishes?

Krishna: Just one is enough, the right path where I could walk and find my cup of tea.

Simer: World Peace, a magical bottomless picnic basket and a platform where I can make comedy to masses.

  1. Are you associated with any charitable organisations? Would you be interested in promoting them through this interview?

As of now I am not associated with any as I believe in ‘Satisfying one empty stomach a day anywhere if it is on the way’. I guess charity does not require any promotion. And if it is, then I would secretly promote all.

  1. We know that Preity left an indelible impression on Krishna. Nevertheless, who is Krishna’s dream girl? What does he look for in a future partner?

The search for the dream girl is still on. I am a kind of a guy who needs someone who can hold me else I will keep fluttering. I need someone who can keep me occupied all the time.

  1. The most awaited question from your fans would be, “Is there another book in the making?”

I am not that die hard into writing so never thought of writing another but I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN is generating a very good response and people are asking for sequel so I may plan to write one soon.

  1. Any message for me?Any message for your fans?

For you all I can say is :

Souls with crystal hearts never prayer,

Sky is the limit and their dreams are divine

They have oceanic abundance and beauty sublime

They kiss mountains with their victorious fleet,

Wishes are granted without solicit,

A bird with independent thought is always freeeeee… keep smiling ..:)

And for all,

“Take the toughest challenge and move on, whatever the result one thing is assured ‘you will WIN’ ” ~ iwloa

God bless you all..Happy reading “I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN”

With love, Krishna



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