Ah Valentine!

“When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you. No excuses, no lies and no broken promises.”

On Valentines’ Day, my mind battles hundreds of questions. I won’t put all of them here.. only a few. Shall save the rest for another special day.

With the events that have been happening in the lives of those very close to me, I keep wondering about the over-hyped concept of love.. within marriage and without.

What is it about these dreams that render girls completely helpless in the hands of men they trust the most?
What is it about promises that girls become blind and immune to glaring lies in their lives?
When it’s time to take a stand, why is it that the whole world is unfortunately standing on the other side of the fence?

We are just simple creatures, hungry for love. Hungry for faith and loyalty. Hungry for a little bit of caring and lots of pampering. Why then, do men find it so difficult to do the simple things in life? I mean, they don’t cost money, do they?

But then, who said, money was difficult?
Lots of you do not believe in Valentines Day. And mothers’ day and fathers’ day too. Because you don’t like it that there is only one day dedicated to your love/your mom or your dad? You argue that you believe every day in the year is Valentines Day? Empty excuses I would say. To escape spending and to escape commitment.

Let us for a moment, take the argument as accepted. But then, have you tried making everyday in the year matter for your love? Have you ever gifted something special out of the blue, just like that? So you don’t believe one day should be dedicated to showing someone special that you care. Have you tried making ANY other day special for him/her? I wish I can hear a YES to this one question.

If you haven’t yet, go go go.. today is the day!!
Change your perceptions, because your love really does not demand diamonds or expensive cuff links. All they need is a small token.. even a wild flower would do.. with a sweet passionate kiss and a slight whisper “I love you. I really do.

PS: But if you can afford diamonds, then nothing like it. It’s all about love.

Time to pamper your love and get pampered in return. Make the most of today. It certainly won’t hurt you if you can touch his/her heart today.
Make the most of Valentines’ Day.

Happy Valentines’ to all of you out there!!
For the loners, here’s something that might cheer you up…

“Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. It means you are strong enough to depend on yourself.”

Cheer Up!!

Cheer Up!!

How to find your true Valentine:

Be with a man who…
1. Promises to give you laugh lines when you are old.
2. tells you he is proud of you on a daily basis.
3. tells you that he loves you every day.
4. puts your happiness on the same level as his.
5. who uses positive superlatives while describing your relationship.
6. who isn’t afraid of announcing your love to the whole world.
7. who uses ‘when’ and not ‘if’ when talking about your future with him.

Be with a woman who…
1. asks for intangibles like love, trust and commitment. Give her those.
2. puts your happiness before everything else.
3. kills her pride in every argument only to make things alright.
4. forgives your most unpardonable mistakes to keep the relationship going.
5. makes you feel royal.
6. puts her trust in you.
7. who takes care of your needs.



  1. I loved your post Punam.. It’s been so long since I read a good arguing post and you did complete justice with your thoughts.. I’m not okay with the first one.. but rest, I loved it.. and your points to describe/whatever for a man and woman is good. Keep writing..

    Someone is Special


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