Musical Monday and a Poem: No, I won’t!!

This song was a hit during the days I was in Jaipur. It was a favorite at every wedding, and newly wedded couples would perform on the song with so much of love in their eyes for each other. I remember participating in Holi celebrations, colours on all men and women, and kids, and dhols were out, and She was playing the dhol and it was Antakshari. So, she sang “Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh” and after that, I don’t remember … then, this one.. “Teri Aur”…

For me, songs are mile stones.. and I can remember a lot of such events in my life associated with specific songs. Music has been in me like blood. Not that I sing great. But I love to get drowned in it. And then they become milestones, with memories of that point of time associated with them. Here’s sharing one such song of an era that is although not so long ago in my life, and yet, the time in between then and now, seems like a lifetime lost in the throes of a whirlpool.

And a poem to go with it

No, I won’t!!

I shall not do what she did,
Write pining poems over losing you
Remembering the times, missing you
I shall not do that dear.. that I won’t do

You have lost me.. not the other way around.

Maybe what she wrote was true
Maybe what you felt for her was true
Was I but just a replacement?
A boost to your ego, I bid adieu

Wind chimes and rhymes will not deter me

And those unsaid promises will not detract me
Your mask is off, your ink, not blue anymore
If you had a beating organ in your chest
You would have felt an inch of guilt too

Alas! Yes, I knew.. and yet I gave you a chance
Maybe I put you in a spot too
But that’s how it goes when you bring in betrayal
And carry on expecting me to keep believing in you.

Leaving behind you, a trail of broken hearts
Sporting a smirk on your innocent and ever-so-honest face…
Maybe you are in search of bait new
I hope it’s you, this time, who is enlightened
With the pain that a broken heart goes through

And who are you? Do you know yourself?
What do you stand for? Do you stand for anything?
Does the man in the mirror even look at you?
Or are his eyes down with shame?

Your respect, your dignity was attached to me
I gave you that position – your ego, your manliness
I gave your being, the respect it did not deserve
Getting back will be very difficult
For you will miss it all for all that was not…
For all that I gave you.

For all that you weren’t…



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