If God made miracles…

He called them babies.

I have never been in touch with infants. Ever before. Although I loved kids, and I do remember spending my 15 minutes recess in school in the Baby Class, I have always been scared about having them. But life’s irony is invincible. I was a favourite of kids. Whenever I came in touch with them, they would go crazy about me… and I would reciprocate. But I never had the chance to deal with infants. Until today. A baby in my life. A cute little podgy-cheeked angel – she looks deeply in my eyes and I fall all over in love with her.

The pink cheeks remind me of the most soft butter, and her gol-gol eyes look like windows to heaven. I don’t know if it happens with all babies or is it just this angel, but her eyes glow all the time.. there is a twinkle in her eyes. Always. And when she stares with them straight into your eyes, you are lost. You are floored. Your heart goes out to her. You know that you would do anything to protect this little bundle of joy. To keep her safe, To give her all the happiness in the world.

When she is dressed up in her little skirt, yes pink, she looks like a doll. A pink doll. And then I realize that this is why God made angels. These are angels. Little ones. Her cute little fingers sometimes spread out like a little web, and some times, the index finger unfurls as if to admonish or warn us of cuteness overload. Then she loves to hold a few drops of water in her throat, as if to gargle and does those gurgling sounds that endear you to her like nothing would. And she looks at you, as if to double check that her cute antics are being witnessed, and it gives her a thrill to know that she is the center of attention. Her eyes twinkle even more.

If that was how one describes joy, this is pure unadulterated joy.

For a poet, she is his poetry.

For a writer, his muse.

For an architect, she is his blue print.

For a scientist, his Eureka invention.

For an actor, she is the feel.

For a painter, she is the painting.

If God made inspiration, it was inspired by a baby’s innocence.


Pic courtesy: Google Images

As I discover my innocence in her eyes and her innocence in my smile, I realize we are both so connected and so entwined in each others’ souls – perhaps that’s what they call ‘soul connection’. And perhaps, for something that I am never gonna have, this makes up for. As I see my empty nest – one that never was, and one that never will be, I gather such precious moments like angel feathers and hoard them up in the empty nest. They can never fill emptiness but they will surely bring smiles. They will make up for the void. They will fill the vacuum. And she came in with a purpose. One that made history. She is precious. She is love. She is life. She is.ย 



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