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Beautiful Eyes

Corinne Rodrigues’ 100 Words On Saturday 12 Prompt: BEAUTIFUL EYES

100 Words On Saturday

The waves kept rocking, one after another,
building, unbuilding,
integrating, disintegrating,
joyous, angry,
and incorrigible,
until the shores, lined up with black kohl
let the waves leak out
to scar the expanse beneath with darkened wet trails.

The hand that wiped these trails felt soft to touch.
She couldn’t guess who it was.
Everything looked hazy. Blurred. She felt drugged.
But her senses knew it was okay. He seemed okay.
It felt the right touch. Not the wrong one. Not the bad one.

He wiped her tears again.
And again.
And whispered, “Hold those waves. They are precious. Beautiful eyes.”


As within, so without

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