Circle of Life - Abstract Oil Painting by Gloria A Petrey (Do not copy)

Circle of Life – Abstract Oil Painting by Gloria A Petrey
(Do not copy)

I kept looking for completion – when I wrote my poem ‘Incomplete’.

Never did I imagine that there is no end to life.

Life itself is the other end. I mean, it’s a full circle.

So, if it starts with me, the closure, the completion happens with me. And not outside of me.

There are no parts for anyone to play, except me. I am the beginning. I am the end. If I can understand that, perhaps many things will set right.

The volatile nature of life hits me speechless. Today I am planning, tomorrow I am not. Today it’s happening, tomorrow it’s not. The unexpected twists and turns take me unawares, almost crooning me to stop expecting, stop planning.

Every turn opens up into an entirely new, tougher and harsher path, as if the Almighty there wants to test my grit, my determination. Or rather, He wants to test my faith in him.

I am walking on fire. Barefoot. Exposed. All I have is my conviction and my values. An angel left a few words that have become indelible in my mind. “You take one step in the direction and the lord above will make another 10 for you.”

That is all I have. That is all I need.

And so moves on, the circle of life, the soul called me in its quest to find itself.

Photo credit: Gloria A Petrey – To purchase her amazing paintings, please click here.



  1. Yes it is a circle that starts with our birth and continues till we have left our mortal body hence whatever closure that is needed is within us. When somebody has hurt us, broken our trust we need to forgive them and move on, as this is the closure we need at that time and this also comes from within us. Interesting and thought provoking post.


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