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God, My friend

Friendship Day - Friends
Chain of love – Pass it along.

It was Friendship Day yesterday.

With friends, or for that matter, with any one, as human beings, we set up a lot of expectations. Expectations build up when we start giving. Giving without expecting anything in return is a good thing to do. But it’s not something that everyone can do. It’s good to hear statements like, “Keep no expectations and you will be happy.” But in reality, only a saint can give and give and still feel full without receiving.

For an average person like me, if one gets into the cycle of giving without receiving, (and I am not referring to financials here, although that also applies to the context here…) what will ultimately happen is, that

  1. Resentment builds up.
  2. At first, you feel happy that you are giving so much. But later on, when similar situations come up and you start thinking, “Oh I gave in that day” … it’s their duty to give in now, that’s when the mind starts a count up.
  3. One situation, two, three… and the pile, the mountain of unfulfilled expectations start building up.
  4. And you think, everything will be fine. You keep giving more by rationalizing that there is a reason he/she is like that. They have been hurt before. They weren’t like that before. It’s okay. This will pass too.
  5. And one day, something big happens. Like, say someone promised you a life together. And walks away. What do you do? Do you think, Oh I expected them to be with me forever?? I should not have expected? If that was so, there would be no relationships in this whole wide world.

What’s the purpose of this rubbish that I am churning out above?

Definitely, because all I wanted to say is, there was only one way anyone would have fulfilled expectations. It’s by going spiritual.

God never fails you.

He never turns his back on you.

He is your friend, your brother, your father, your mother, your sister, your everyone.

He is always there. Always. Unconditionally.

Even when you shun him, he is still there, with a silly smirk on his face, thinking, awwww at your anger.

Even when you deny his existence, he has a trick pulled up his sleeve, to bring you back into the state of believing.

He has form.

Those kind parents, who are facing the world’s wrath every day, just so that their kids can be happy – they are God.

The strangers who helped you by letting you stay in their house for so many months – unconditionally? That was God.

The angel who drove you around in a new place – because you did not know your way around – That was God.

The kind souls who spoke to you because you were upset – they have never met you, yet they trusted you only to give comfort – because they know how much it hurts to be down. They were God.

That one soul – who you call your friend – has seen you through it all, and calls you at odd hours and special occasions, only to give you moments to cherish, so that you do not fall back sad – that is God.

That friend, you met only a while ago, becomes an important part of a struggle you are goin through – and also involves their family, just so that you can breathe easy – that is God.

That childhood buddy, who rings you up four times in a day, to make sure that you will stay in her home until you are safe and sound – That is God.

That important professional who you went to, after being cheated for 6 months, and it was a nick of the moment saving grace – that is God.

So, when I see God in everyone, and I realize He has been there at every bend in life, in some form or other, I am assured that my biggest friendship hug goes to God.

Happy Friendship Day, Dear God. 

Thus the wish goes to every dear person in my life, in whose form I see God.


As within, so without

9 thoughts on “God, My friend

  1. God is the everlasting friend in good or bad… HE’s always there with us…. Great Post! Sometimes we don’t realize that He’s there with us especially in the bad times…. Truth is He’s all the more there with us!


    1. That is so pertinent – he is there in the bad times.. yes. But He also knows that he gets the worst amount of brickbats in the bad times. What sustains is that faith renews itself into a stronger force after the dawn comes. Like they say, one can only go up after reaching rock bottom. Thanks Danny. Welcome to my blog.


  2. Welcome Back to blogging Dear 🙂

    I can closely relate to your post dear especially the initial part.
    That’s so amazing you see God in people around you…. that means you have a spiritual feelings for them. Beautiful!

    Keep sharing them. Love reading you!
    Best wishes!


  3. You know you are right….’People’ always breaks trust and don’t fulfill the expectations…. This can’t happen in case we are friends with Allah ! Love your thoughts and My prayers are always with you 🙂 xx


  4. are right.. God is there in all our good and bad times.. He is the eternal friend and companion.. Recently due to some incidents in my life I have my faith more and more restored in him.. Just wish that he continues to shower his blessings on me..!! New to your blog.. Loved your post.. Keep writing..!!


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