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I, as a woman, a girl and God’s own child, want to breathe easy

Is it too much to ask?

I go to a training center and a bunch of boys waiting at the lift ogle at me. I take the steps without flinching. “Ammayi steps teesukuntundi ra” (Translation: The girl is taking the steps) – they comment and start following me up the stairs. Two flights of stairs. They followed. I wasn’t scared. I am used to getting ogled at. And moreover, I was going to meet a business associate. He was only a few feet away. That’s it. Help would be there. At arms’ length. I am an adult. I can take care of myself.

Not always. Not to everyone. It wasn’t there to this lady who got violated in Mumbai yesterday. She had a male friend with her. He was also beaten and hurt. Exactly like the Delhi case. They were adults too. They could take care of themselves too. Against humans, not animals. Not beasts. 

A country where a 3 year old gets violated by father. Can it get any more brutal and cold-blooded than this???

In May 2013, in Miyapur, Medak district, a 16-year-old boy sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl.

How does one explain the lust brutes feel for little babies?

How does one explain the kind of beastly actions that these rapists do, after the act, to ensure the victim is silenced forever?

What does one call this lust that leads 16-year-olds, hardly out of puberty and just stepping into adult-hood to force themselves on helpless little girls?

Where is the end when the beginning itself is a part of a vicious circle?

Why does the law even go through the rigmarole of trials and sentences?

Why not capital punishment?

What is there to prove or disprove when a 10 year old girl says that her uncle violated her????

Why do we not have Rapid Action Forces dedicated to the safety of women?

Why are fast track trials not a norm in a society which reveres Goddesses but violates women?

After the heart-rending Nirbhaya case last December, Delhi has witnessed 806 rape cases from January till June 2013.

We are NOT safe. Women are NOT safe in India. Girls are not safe. Babies are not safe. No matter how many times we keep repeating this, it doesn’t matter. We are NOT safe. We pay taxes and we are law abiding citizens. Yet, we have no protection from danger. Our male friends are not safe either. Their presence does not deter the culprits. They get hurt for attempting to protect us.

What are we to do?

This article says it louder and clearer for all the women.

In a country where babies get molested, where have values gone? Where has humanity gone? How can we get so cold-blooded and beastly that we prey upon our children?

We have to end this violence. Let us all raise our voices and make them be heard loud and clear that our tiny tots will NOT be violated and that such inhumanity can not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Let us teach our kids about good touch and bad touch. Let us tell them to be careful and blow the whistle whenever strangers try to lure them.

And to the little infants who got violated, the one year olds, and the two-year olds, who can not defend themselves in any way, let us hang our heads in shame, for we have all, as a part of the same society, failed to save them. For we could not protect them.

A moment of silence for them, for Nirbhaya in Delhi and in Mumbai and in so many places, so many of them, of all ages, who were subjected to brutal treatment.

Some facts to ponder about:


–   According to the NCRB data in AHCR report, a total of 48,338 child rape cases were recorded from 2001 to 2011. The registration of cases of child rape have been consistently increasing from 2001 (2,113 cases) to 2011 (7,112 cases)- a 336% increase of child rape cases.

–   As per NRCB 2011, of the total 24,270 reported cases in 2011, a staggering 7,112 or 30 per cent were girls up to 18 years of age.

–      The Ministry of Women and Child Development Study on Child Abuse: India 2007, conducted in 13 States with 12,500 interviewed children, reports a wide-spread trend of sexual abuse among children.

#ENDviolence #UNICEFIndia #NGOProtsahan


As within, so without

11 thoughts on “I, as a woman, a girl and God’s own child, want to breathe easy

  1. Yes.. Another rape incident in Mumbai.. And it happens again and again.. Lucky are those who get help.. But what about others.. It’s a very saddening situation.. !! Even the male freinds are not safe.. It’s high time we do something..!!


  2. This whole boys following and commenting thing happens too here in Pakistan and Such such an annoying thing…… No one even who is watching them never stop them…..All of the incidents with women are because of the ‘fun’ boys use to have ! I hope all this stops …I guess that would be a miracle !!


    1. White Pearl – you are right – expecting it to stop is like expecting a miracle.. at least miracles do happen! Thanks for visiting.
      The best we all can do is to stand up for each other in any way that we can.


  3. Hi Younglady,

    Read all the posts. This post confirms that you are a young lady. Loved your poems. It is not said without any reason that children are image of God. Thanks for telling all legendary love stories in brief. As human being it is not easy to do anything without expectations of something in return but if one can achieve that state peace of mind will never leave one. We should do what we feel is right as per our conscience without bothering for what is in return for us. I rally hang my head in shame on hearing such ghastly news of what these mentally ill people do and have firm belief that we need to deal it with firm hands. In my opinion such cases should be finished in set time frame, say two or three months, including all appeals to higher courts and punishment on conviction should be to castrate the rapists and put them to work in mental asylum of women to clean up all mess they create.

    Take care


    1. And I agree with you, sir. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my new space. Thank you for loving my poems… Expectations are tempting traps to fall into.
      As for the trials that women are being put to, I hope God does justice right here, right now, on the earth and not in some pseudo place called Heaven or Hell.
      Hope to see you here always.


  4. It was my father who read the news to me the other day because he knew how much I wanted to visit India ~ and this was an excuse he thinks would prevent me from visiting the country. It is such a sad plight and some would admittedly dismiss India as the ‘rape capital’ knowing full well that it isn’t so. But it would be a great question to ask what moral values ‘men’ in general have? And why such aggressive behavior towards women? What measures could be taken to prevent it? Would it be one day a part of our curriculum to have ‘self defense’ classes to protect ourselves?

    Thank you for sharing this post.


    1. Melissa, thanks for coming.
      I understand how your father feels.. exactly the way my father does, when he accompanies me every time I get a job in a new city, to ensure that I am settled and safe.

      Values? I think India is generally a sex starved country what with the orthodox societal values and the segregation of genders starting from school days… the situation becomes a thrill for perverts and power-mongers.

      I don’t see an end to this. We are doing our best to #endviolence against women and girls. Unless the authorities punish the perpetrators with capitalist punishments, there will be no fear.


  5. It is heart-breaking! I agree with you that we have to get rid of outdated values that stop people from having an honest conversation about sex and gender relationships with their children!


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