Blog Action Day: Be Human; and let all be human

Born Free. equal in dignity

Born Free

Human Rights.

Blog Action Day 2013 is for Human Rights.

What do we all understand by human rights? For most of us, today, we end up saying, having access to a computer laptop, phone smart phone nay Ipad is our birthright. We have rich brats zipping across the roads in their BMWs and Skodas, claiming their right to be on the road risking pedestrians’ lives. We have the elite blaring loudspeakers on wedding nights claiming the entire locality as their right.

Lying demurely, in a corner of the road is a little girl, scantily clad, huddled against the wall, staring blankly at the passers by. Her left hand clutches her stomach as if she is in pain. I approach her to see what’s wrong. She just gestures with the other hand, moving it towards her mouth.  “Food.” She is not in pain. She is hungry starving. We keep our nations’ future leaders starving. RIP Human Rights.

“Sati” was abolished in 1829. Honour killing is still a reality in India. RIP Human Rights.

Child Marriage Prevention Act came out in 1929. In 2013, India refuses to sign the UN resolution on early and forced marriages. RIP Human Rights.

2001 – Right to Food implemented. 2013 – Global Hunger Index places India at rank 63. Over 40% of children below 5 years are under weight. We feed our children mid-day meals which are ethically, morally and physically inedible. (I could not write it in clearer words.) We waste thousands of tons of food in our high affair weddings. Who cares? RIP Human Rights.

Human trafficking is an $8 million dollar business in India. Of course, it isn’t legal.

With all due respect to the Supreme One, whose message is to serve humanity, Shirdi’s Sai Baba temple gets Rs 3.44 cr donation in 3 days. We can spend crores on stone idols, but we do not have a heart large enough to accommodate an orphan, or feed the poor, or educate the uneducated.

The UN, in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, abolished slavery on 10 December 1948. 21 million people are enslaved worldwide in what is called modern slavery – debts, rape, trafficking for prostitution.

Should I go on?

Right to speech, freedom, expression, walking without fear, breathing freely, food, water, sanitation, electricity, the right to live, we all have a long long way to go.

Just one request to everyone reading this blog post and participating in Blog Action Day 2013, can we all be more human, and less cold-blooded? Can we all be more inclusive and less judgmental? Can we all be compassionate and caring?



If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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