The pounding silence of crackers

November 3rd 2013 – Diwali

As I open my eyes early morning, the deafening silence strikes me. Long long ago, when I was a small kid, (not that I am too old now.. 😐 ) I used to wake up Diwali early morning at 4.00 AM. No, I am NOT an early riser. The neighbours would start bursting crackers from early morning and forcibly wake us up.

Not funny. Seriously.

But anyhow, today, I HEAR silence. All around me. Diwali isn’t celebrated the way they used to before.

There is so much suffering everywhere. All around us, people are starving in hunger. Onions have really brought tears in our eyes. For many, buying onions instead of crackers makes sense, doesn’t it? Food – a basic necessity – the government can’t do much to ensure that every citizen is fed three times a day. Nope. Too difficult. Spending on canvassing – easier. Vested motives, come what may, carrying them out – easier.

The sounds are terrifying. The bombs sound like  real bombs. Scary. Times like today, when there is no guarantee where an anti social element is hiding, cracker bombs have become unpalatable. We don’t want them anymore.

The sweets are fattening. We have reduced their consumption considerably. That is because we all want to be healthy. So, we don’t make as many anymore. We take in count the sweets that we receive on the occasion, and calculate how much and who we have to give, because everything’s become so expensive now.

No guarantee of life anymore. 40+ young people, infant included, set out for home to celebrate Diwali. They are charred to death. Their screams are more deafening than the fireworks.

No guarantee for women. Mini skirt-clad, burqa clad, teenager, infant , toddler – all ravaged – they are not safe in India. Fault – Of course you are a measly woman, lady!!

Let’s all burn crackers. Yepp.

End of evil???

I like silence. It’s deafening. But I like it.

I like the quiet. It’s unsettling.

I like the hum in the brain.

The light inside my heart.

I want you – yes, you – to find that light in your heart too.



  1. Hello Kid,

    It becomes really scary a couple of days before Diwali as well as a day or so afterwards. The brunt is born by stray animals, particularly dogs. Even pets look for a place to hide. This year it does seem to be little less, may be due to onions. Vested interests are more important than the real cause. There is a lot of fanfare at the launch of so called welfare schemes for the needy but thereafter the bulk of funds find way into you know who’s coffers. I fully agree that some persons have made it look like a crime to be a woman. Well told.

    Take care


  2. A walk in woods.
    As I attentively read your blog I felt I was walking with you in woods pondering over the human miseries, sufferings and pain internal and external.Then I also felt after thick woods there is plain ground to face the problems as they arise and show the creator that you have COURAGE,CONVICTION, COMMITMENT to be a good human being.It is time to call off walking woods.All my best wishes.


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