Pirates and Robbers

Zipping through the dead night’s cold breeze
Pirate, you believe you can fly away
That red beating thing held in your palms
The smirk, the side ways look, the confident calm

The glinting diamonds that handcuffed me
To a momentous moment of unforgettable glory
Leaving behind just a whiff of invisible fog
What now? Pirate? Tell me, what now??

You are a pirate.
Steal my thoughts.
I am in a fortress.
You can not reach us.

You are a pirate.
You kill a sweet death.
I am captive.
Freedom, you can not give.

You are a pirate.
You enchant with that voice.
I am in a cage.
I can only hear and rejoice,

You are a pirate.
The ‘feel weak in the knees’ kind.
I might be a beauty
With a dark and secret past behind.

You are a pirate
Turned Knight in Shining Armour
Alas, I have become a Knight too
During that deathly hour.

You are a pirate
Have you come for me?
You know I have to unlearn
Relearn, recalibrate and see

Pirate, do you know the trail..
The untrodden paths I’ve got to negotiate?
Have you trodden on them, and seen
How tough life on those paths has been?

Away you go, pirate..!
Away you go, Ahoy!!
Robber.. don’t you steal..
Don’t you steal my senses away!

PS: Just once in a while, I sit and introspect.. and let myself dream away – without inhibitions. This was one of those moments. Fiction. But an unbridled dream nevertheless.



  1. So many words,so many clues and all written very well,yet I dont capture the whole ensemble.
    The captive,the cage,fortress and the knight in armour bring some associated thoughts but still leave me vague.I think all good poets enjoy the ploy of teasing the readers with an untold undercurrent.Nice poem.


    • Hi KP, I am happy you liked my poem. The poem is about love.. It is about the pirate who has stolen the lady’s heart but she is trying to shoo him away, saying she can not go with him because of a dark past.
      The cage, the fortress are all symbolic of a society’s restraints.
      Basically this is a request to the pirate to stop making her fall in love with him.


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