When chains broke free

Thought I was in love. I was chained.
Thought I had you – my good luck. Wronged.

I hummed songs that were perfect for us. Wasted.
I was in a surreal world, far away from reality. Busted.

I couldn’t see the truth. You manipulated.
I Took your lies for real. And Trusted.

Never could see those emotional chains. Blinded.
Blackmail, traps and gains. Feel Cheated.

God for you is God for me. He did free me.
He had His hand over me. You see.

When chains broke free, broke free, broke free.
His angels had their wings wrapped around me.

Was born today, but reborn 36 days thence.
One’s my birthday, one’s God’s Grace Day.

For 36 days thence was when the chains broke free
And that day, I shall celebrate every year duly.

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images



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