I need to believe…

I need to dream. I need to believe.
I need to know that I have some control in my life.
That if I work hard, I will be rewarded.
That life is not arbitrary. That life is not unfair.
I need to believe that bad things happen to good people, for a greater reason.
That dedication, sacrifice, hard work, discipline are all worthy attributes that will eventually produce extraordinary results.

That I am beautiful
That I am not defined by the way I look
That I am not limited by my abilities or inabilities to do “good” things
That everything I do is “good” and “Acceptable” and “in good faith of love”
That when I open my eyes, I dream reality
That when I close my eyes, I see real dreams.

I need to believe that the girl that looks back at me every morning
In the mirror is the girl I love, respect and admire
I need to know that the Universe is conspiring to make everything right
That this is all a play of God because He knows what is best for me.

I thank the Universe for being kind and for gifting me with so many bounties,
My heart is full of love, my life is filled with joys, and I smile like Lillies in the garden

I thank you, thank you, thank you for taking me on the path of life that is the highest and best for me.



  1. Young Lady,

    Confidence is self is what makes one sure of own beliefs. Of course it does not mean that one should become arrogant but have self respect without any Ego. And positive attitude is what ensures one does not stray from focus by unnecessary thoughts.

    Take care


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