That void inside me

Inside a Shell

Inside a Shell

When you showed me light, I knew it was dark on my side.
I was pretty happy until you lit that little spark inside.

Now that spark is raring to turn into a blaze
How can I let that happen?? I am amazed!

I thought the shell was unbreakable, just so.
The stone walls all around were indestructible.

How did you get past, did you cast a spell?
Brick by brick, I see before me, that sturdy wall melt.

I scramble all around, rebuilding it all again.
Placing brick on brick – they don’t seem to fit now.

The shock that makes me go pale is making me sick
Yet I never felt better, what’s it that clicked???

From untrodden paths and trails, I step gingerly
On the brink of what I call a dangerous territory

Will I spread my wings and fly? I really don’t know.
For now the void inside me has deepened even more.

Forever is a concept that lays long buried in depths.
So for now, I burrow royally back into my shell.

Inside her tower

Inside her tower



  1. Young Lady,

    One is always happy at own situation and feels the surprise at any change which is brought in by others. So it is for one to decide to swim with the change if it seems good for own betterment or to resist if it seems harmful. It is for one to decide what course to follow and mind you more often than not one does get confused as it involves self. That is when advice from someone whom one can trust counts.

    Take care


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