Sequel to Strangers in the Night

When Suzy Que suggested “Strangers in the Night” as the 100 words Write Tribe prompt, I wrote this as my entry to the prompt. It was accepted warmly and I got sooo many comments from all of you, waiting to hear more.

It wasn’t meant to be a series, but the 100 words limit made me append “to be continued” at the end of the story. And then, all of you expressed such beautiful compliments about the post. πŸ™‚ Made me happy happy.

Here is the sequel to it.


God knows what she is hiding..!
She is a package full of mystery. I can’t figure out what goes on in her mind at all.
Sometimes, she is responsive, sometimes she closes up completely.
But she likes me. I can feel that.
Yet, she holds back.
I have to find out.
But she just shuts herself up when I probe.
No worries.
One day. I am sure she will learn to trust me.
One day.


She is looking into the mirror and staring at herself – her reflection. She does that often. Talks to herself as if she is conversing with two personalities inside her. The Emotional Lady and The Practical Lady.


Oh God, I need to avoid him. I know it’s a trap. A big trap. How can I not recognize it this time around?? The trap that Fate keeps weaving around me – of perfection. Naah.. it’s not real. It. Is. Not. Real. Period.

Hah! Liar. You know he is for real. You know it in your heart. Go. Venture out. Goo!! It’s okay to take a risk. It’s okay to explore. What’s life if not led the way your heart wants? Listen to your heart. You’ve always done. It’s all over. What happened was required. You had to. It couldn’t have happened any other way – or you wouldn’t be what you are today. Should I remind you how many compliments you have been collecting these days??

Yeah, but I can NOT. No matter how much you talk back to me, I can NOT. My truth is harsh. He can not be a party to it. I don’t want him to be, because I do care for him. This is my battle and mine alone. I can not let anyone else bear the brunt of it, or get pulled into the whirl pool of turmoil. No.

Then have it your way, sweetie. You know it’s difficult. You know how it is. You would never know his truth.

Yes and I have made peace with it. I am content with the few moments that I have had. They are enough. I am okay. I am fine.

Stop justifying to your own self, dear.

I am NOT justifying!! This is how it is. This is my decision. And I am sticking to it.

So saying, she took her umbrella and set off to visit her favourite place by the lake, where she had made friends with a Swan Couple. For her, the swans symbolized love. Undying, unadulterated, “forever” kind of love. She was a swan before.


I guess she just needs a friend.

I will be there for her. Always.



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